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Propaganda Watch: what exactly does Doug Ford mean by removing “almost all restrictions”?

Premier Doug Ford’s almost-an-announcement announcement

“Today, we’re on track[1] to very soon[2] remove

almost all restrictions[3] for businesses as part of our reopening plan[4].

And we heard from Dr. Moore last week and again yesterday

that he is now working[5] on a plan

that will allow[6] us to remove the Vaccine Passport System[7].

My friends, this is great news

and a sign[8] of just how far we’ve come together in this fight.”

[1] “On track” is not a commitment. It doesn’t mean we WILL remove almost all restrictions. It means we could, if we wanted to. Later. Maybe. Or maybe not. Stay tuned.

[2] “Very soon” is not today. And not any date that we’re going to tell you now. But “very soon,” as opposed to “on this date” or “by this deadline.” However, we want you to change your behaviour immediately.

[3] Wait, what? “Almost” all restrictions”? Which ones are we keeping – the digital ID? The face masks? The social distancing? “Almost” could mean ANYTHING. Or, virtually nothing.

[4] Removing restrictions is only “part” of the reopening plan? What are the other parts? Can we know what the OTHER parts are, before we buy into the select parts you may choose to share with us “very soon”? Is “part of” the reopening plan the fact thaty you intend to add new restrictions we know nothing of right now?

[5] He’s been making announcements for a week, yet he is still not in possession of a plan….he is WORKING on a plan. How long could it possibly take? Could you just get back to us when he actually HAS a plan?

[6] “Allow” is a weasel word. Just because you are “allowed” to do something does not mean that you have committed to doing that. “Allow” still gives you a choice to bail if you want to. You’d be “allowed” to change your mind.

[7] Does this mean ONLY the vaccine passport system? What about masks and social distancing? What about digital IDs for drivers’ licenses? Are they still on the table?

[8] It’s not proof, or evidence. It’s a sign, like a rainbow is God’s sign of a promise to Noah. It’s a sign, without a signature.


Rita Smith is a professional copywriter who written for municipal, provincial and federal levels of government in Canada for 35 years.

Propaganda Watch© is a an occasional feature designed to help trusting Canadian voters question, decode and interpret political language designed to persuade and sometimes, confuse.