Freedom Convoy Trucks in Ottawa, February 2022. Photo: Donna Laframboise

“The fight is not over” – CCF challenges Emergencies Act in federal court April 3-5; you must pre-register to view proceedings

“There was also overwhelming consensus from police officers who testified before the Commission that existing criminal laws would have been sufficient to manage the protests.“ Canadian Constitution Foundation release, February 17 2023 The Canadian Constitution Foundations‘ challenge to the Emergencies

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Photo: "Somewhere out there" Mike Murchison

40 years waiting for Northern Ontario roads to be improved: “Not in my lifetime,” career driver says

by Mike Murchison So, let’s weigh in on the shape of the highways in Northern Ontario. I’m referring to Highways 11 and 17. The “Trans Canada” highway. The main east-west corridor that gets you from the Manitoba border down to

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Jeff Orr and Travis McDougall, co-founders of Truckers for Safer Highways.

“I think the problem is larger than people realize” says Truckers for Safer Highways spokesperson

“I think the problem is larger than people realize,” Orr says. “My guess is that similar groups are probably operating in all the major cities – Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver. Congratulations to the OPP for investigating this situation and laying charges, even getting some put in jail. That is a great job they are doing.”

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Image: Google

Europe backtracks on gas car ban

“The implausibility of a net-zero carbon energy future is becoming so obvious that even Europeans are starting to notice,” the Wall Street Journal editorial board noted on March 27th. “Witness the weekend decision to step back from the ban on internal-combustion automobile engines that the European Union had intended to implement by 2035.”

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"Stories from the Road" and professional Truck driver Don Taylor sent photos of weekend wrecks on March 26th. Photo: Don Taylor

“These highways needed to be four-laned decades ago”

Stories from the Road author Don Taylor happened by just some of the accidents which took place in Northern Ontario on the weekend of March 25/26th and forwarded photos to Road Warrior News. “The first two were just north of

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People bring food to community picnics, but they don’t normally gather at truck stops in the dark, in the dead of winter, to feed total strangers. Photo: Sally

Food by the Boxful

This food is important. It’s tangible, concrete evidence of tremendous grassroots support. While people bring food to community picnics, they don’t normally gather at truck stops in the dark, in the dead of winter, to feed total strangers. This behaviour alone makes the Freedom Convoy socially and historically significant.

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Chart 1.2: Highway 413 Project Route Source: Ontario Budget 2023

Ontario Budget provides news on road projects underway, mostly re-announcements and updates

Ontario’s Budget, released March 23rd, notes that “Ontario’s trucking industry accounts for about one per cent of Ontario’s GDP and approximately 36 per cent of the jobs in the transportation sector. The transportation system is the backbone of Ontario’s export-driven

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