Monday, September 25, 2023

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Tom Marazzo's book "The People's Emergency Act" is available through Amazon. It became an overnight best seller when it was released in early September.
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Why did Canada ignore decades of Emergency Management experience during COVID?

Canada is approaching the three-year anniversary of its first case of COVID-19. Over time, it has become increasingly clear that COVID represented not just a public health issue, but a crisis in governance and democratic values. COVID forced Canadians to face the fact that government systems they trusted unquestioningly are not functioning as smoothly as we had all assumed.

For example, long before COVID appeared, expert, professional Emergency Management Organizations (EMOs) already existed in every province and territory. They’ve battled wildfires in Alberta, ice storms in British Columbia, and floods in Manitoba. They maintain constant contact with each other, and with their federal, municipal, and international counterparts. They partner with public sector agencies and private sector businesses.

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Waymo and Cruise Receive CPUC Authorizations to Collect Fares for Autonomous Vehicle Rides in San Francisco

Davis Wright Tremaine LLP On August 10, 2023, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted 3-1 to approve Resolution TL-19144 and Resolution TL-19145 (the “Resolutions”) authorizing Waymo LLC (Waymo) and Cruise LLC (Cruise), respectively, to collect fares for driverless AV rides in San Francisco, without time

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Rich and Dan, photo taken the first week and supplied by them. Note the huge Canadian flags they’re wearing as capes.
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Frozen Ketchup & Brand New BBQs

Keeping stuff from freezing solid was an enormous challenge for Freedom Convoy protesters by Donna Laframboise Rich is an aircraft mechanic who resides an hour’s drive west of Hamilton, Ontario. Currently aged 48, the only time he’s been unemployed was

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Photo supplied by Mark. Taken February 2, 2022 on returning to his truck.
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“You can interview that front tire”

During the three weeks Mark and his truck spent in Ottawa, the parking tickets and small acts of vandalism were minor matters. Wife Joanne describes him as a laidback guy who doesn’t talk much about feelings. But as they texted back and forth during those weeks, she says, he told her about the tears and the gratitude. People kept thanking him for taking a stand. “He said the love that was there, it was just unbelievable.”

Regular people would come by his truck offering submarine sandwiches and fried chicken. An Asian woman, Mark says, “was bringing us down Chinese food all the time. And Tim Horton’s. I don’t drink coffee myself, but they’d be bringing wagons full.” At random times of day, strangers would ask if he needed fuel. “Yeah, I’ll take it.”
After the police started cracking down on fuel deliveries, folks got more creative:

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Photo: RWN
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The Highway to Hydrogen: Recent Hydrogen Developments in Alberta’s Transportation Industry

Virtually every industry is looking to reduce carbon emissions in its development and operational life cycles. This has proven to be a particular challenge in the transportation industry, specifically heavy-duty transport where the industry has traditionally relied heavily on energy-dense diesel fuel to provide the torque necessary for heavy load transportation. However, Hydrogen may become an attractive zero-emission alternative for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Unlike diesel which produces carbon dioxide and other harmful bi-products, hydrogen produces only water at the tailpipe.

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Screen capture from a video Mark recorded around 9 am, Friday January 28th, 2022. (Click image to view video.) The long white sign reads: ‘Camionneurs, Montmagny vous remercie,’ which translates as: ‘Truckers, Montmagny thanks you.’ That community is located an hour north of Quebec City.
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Every Beautiful Thing You’d Ever Seen

‘A thousand people standing on an overpass and you driving under it’ by Donna Laframboise Read Part One, here By the time Mark, a Nova Scotia commercial fisherman, joined the Freedom Convoy the pandemic had dragged on for nearly two years.

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