Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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While early media reports said that a Beck Taxi had pinned a fare, in fact, it was not Beck and not a Taxi. A driver on a food delivery appears to have been pinned by his own vehicle. Photo: CityTV
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Not Beck, not a Taxi: man pinned by own car in laneway

On Monday, January 29, 2024, at approximately 7 p.m., police received a report of a Personal Injury collision involving a pedestrian in an alleyway in the Gerrard Street East and Broadview Avenue area. Early media reports claimed that a Beck Taxi fare

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Purolator employees who refused to share their medical information with the corporation (90 per cent owned by Canada Post) were sent home without pay, and many were then fired. Photo: RWN
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“Shocking absence of interest” in evidence on Purolator’s part, Glass writes

“Banning unvaccinated workers from the workplace after June 2022 did nothing fortheir safety and contributed nothing to the safety of the others working there” Purolator employees and Owner/Operators should be compensated for the damages they suffered when they were put

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Furey launches petition to reduce bike lanes

Toronto mayoralty candidate Anthony Furey has launched a petition on his campaign website to slow the installation of new bike lanes in Toronto, and in some cases reverse them.

Toronto Mayoral candidate Anthony Furey said as Mayor he will halt Toronto’s “outrageous” pledge to create new dedicated bike lanes throughout the city and will remove the University Avenue dedicated lanes.
“The current approach to bike lanes in Toronto is outrageous — it has just gone too far,” says Furey.

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Ontario Line construction on Queen Street begins May 1; work is expected to take 4 years

Starting Monday, May 1, no vehicular traffic will be allowed on Queen Street in the heart of downtown Toronto.

There will only be pedestrian access to Queen Street, from Bay Street to Yonge Street and Yonge Street to Victoria Street, for an estimated four and half years. This diversion is to accelerate Metrolinx’s construction of an Ontario Line connection to TTC Queen Station.

“Richmond, Adelaide, King and Dundas are going to be packed for next four and a half years,” says 36-year veteran Taxi driver Jafar Mirsalari. “Drivers will need to go further north, or way down south, to avoid it.”

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Rental bike, hacked and abandoned on the street in the UK. Photo: Twitter
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Is bike rental system actually working? UK city asks

Westminster City Council is calling for dockless bike companies to crack down on hackers, in a media release published April 13th in the United Kingdom. Similar complaints have been made about rental bikes and scooters in U.S. cities.

Videos circulating across social media demonstrate how to bypass the dockless bike software and use bikes for free.

Concerns have been raised that riders using hacked bikes are untraceable, meaning the users can potentially dump bikes on the pavement without facing punishment and could even be involved in antisocial behaviour.

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