Sunday, April 21, 2024

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"Who cares who John Tory sleeps with?" laughs Neil Shorey of City Taxi. "Who believes that's really why he resigned?" Photo: BlogTO
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Tory back at Rogers: no one is surprised

Revisions to Municipal Act came too late to help Taxi owners Today, the City Manager could not tell me who gave staff approval to bid for the FIFA World Cup without required funding commitments from other levels of government. That’s

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Uber was so close to trial over cabbie compensation in Australia that the live link to the court proceedings had already been posted when the trial was cancelled. Image: Supreme Court of Victoria
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Uber to pay Australian cabbies $272M compensation

Deal struck just before trial started Uber will pay almost $272 million Australian dollars ($173 million USD) to compensate taxi and hire car drivers who lost out when the rideshare company “aggressively” moved into the Australian market, reports the Post

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Councillor Jason Chavez addresses MULDA members and drivers at March 14th Council meeting. "Uber and Lyft pulled out all the stops to try and scare the Council into stopping this policy, but we are with the drivers because we believe in people over profits. I’m proud to have worked with my colleague and drivers to get to this point. We overrode the Mayor’s Veto (10-3)." Photo: Twitter
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Minneapolis Council votes minimum wage for Uber/Lyft

Uber, Lyft say they will abandon the city by May 1st implementation Dismissing Uber and Lyft’s threats to leave the city, the Minneapolis City Council voted 10-3 to override a mayoral veto of minimum pay rates for drivers, the Minnesota

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