Monday, July 15, 2024

About RWN

Road Warrior News is published in recognition of and admiration for every individual who works where the rubber meets the road, and those that support them.

Because there still exists a world beyond the computer screen: beyond bits and bytes, theoretical concepts, political rhetorical and abstract ideas; because the products ordered with the touch of a button on a keyboard do, in actual fact, still need to be physically delivered somewhere, by someone.

Human beings still need to be transported across the miles and in all weather to appointments and celebrations; food grown in the fields needs, somehow, to land on plates. Because virtual reality is great, but matter matters.

Road Warrior News exists to defend and promote the principles of

  • Democracy and the Rule of Law;
  • Honest Capitalism; and
  • Work and Entrepreneurship

Contact publisher Rita Smith at [email protected]


Full disclosure:

Rita Smith:

-has reported on the Taxi industry since 1985 and often works with or for Taxi industry clients on marketing/communications projects;

-is retained by insurance industry clients to provide communications services.