Right to repair has become an important issue in automotive and technology industries. Photo: RWN

Massachusetts to Enforce Expanded Right to Repair Law Following Denial of Restraining Order by Court

Duane Morris LLP On June 1, 2023, Attorney General Andrea Joy Campbell may commence enforcing Massachusetts’ expanded “right to repair” law following the denial of a temporary restraining order from the bench by U.S. District Judge Douglas P. Woodlock. Judge

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One of the areas for new automated speed enforcement cameras will be Lundy’s Lane between Kalar Road and Montrose Road (West Lane Secondary School). Image: Google Maps

Niagara drivers put on notice to slow down as Region rolls out signage for the coming Automated Speed Enforcement Program

​Niagara Region is preparing for a September launch of its Automated Speed Enforcement Program with the revealing of ‘Municipal Speed Camera Coming Soon’ signs that took place today in four Regional Community Safety Zones. The presence of the new signs marks the start of the 90 day notice period required prior to activation of the automated speed enforcement units and the issuing of monetary penalties for speeding. The timing of the unveiling of the signs this month puts the program on target to begin enforcing speeds in these first four areas in September 2023 and the start of the new school year.

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Mike Murchson knows about hard work. Photo: Mike Murchison

Work separates the doers from the watchers

Hard work! Hard physical work. Long hours behind the wheel. Long hot and freezing hours on my knees, unloading product that has solidified, jammed or just wont flow.

I’ve worked hard. Still am working. My brother worked long hard hours in the cold, the heat and wind.

We were built that way. You start a job. You finish it. Regardless the difficulty. Sometimes you swear. Throw things. Wonder if you’re plain stupid or just crazy for doing it because you got suckered into it.

Regardless. You’re there now. Got to see the job through until its finished.

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Health Canada distributed funds to encourage groups to promote brand-new vaccines. Source: https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/immunization-vaccine-priorities/immunization-partnership-fund.html

The Vaccine Brainwashing Bandwagon

Reputable organizations took government money in exchange for telling the public the scarcely tested vaccines were safe by Donna Laframboise Why was it so easy for the mainstream media to convince a portion of the Canadian public that the trucker Freedom

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Police flyer Grandparent Scam. Full flyer document to print and use is posted below. Image: OPP

Taxi companies asked to help stop new “Grandparent’s scam” financial fraud

Police and anti-fraud agencies have asked the Canadian Taxi Association (CTA) for help in stopping the latest “Grandparent Scam.” The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC), Ontario Provincial Police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police have launched a fraud prevention campaign to raise

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