Health Canada distributed funds to encourage groups to promote brand-new vaccines. Source:

The Vaccine Brainwashing Bandwagon

Reputable organizations took government money in exchange for telling the public the scarcely tested vaccines were safe by Donna Laframboise Why was it so easy for the mainstream media to convince a portion of the Canadian public that the trucker Freedom

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Police flyer Grandparent Scam. Full flyer document to print and use is posted below. Image: OPP

Taxi companies asked to help stop new “Grandparent’s scam” financial fraud

Police and anti-fraud agencies have asked the Canadian Taxi Association (CTA) for help in stopping the latest “Grandparent Scam.” The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC), Ontario Provincial Police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police have launched a fraud prevention campaign to raise

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Rev. Dr. Major (Ret.) Harold Ristau Photo: A Citizen's Hearing

Retired CAF chaplain says its dangerous to force soldiers to ignore their own convictions

Canada lost some of its best soldiers during the COVID debacle, the National Citizens’ Inquiry was told by lawyer Catherine Christianson recently.

Christianson’s testimony is supported by Rev. Dr. Major (Ret.) Harold Ristau, who told True North that the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) have been made less operationally effective with the mandating of is COVID shots.

“It’s seriously dangerous to force soldiers to ignore their convictions, from both a spiritual and psychological perspective,” Ristau told True North in a phone interview on May 12th from Kenya, where he moved his family to work as a missionary.

Ristau notes that a soldier being “good to go” on the front line of the battlefield involves healthy spiritual, mental and psychological resilience: the ability to bounce back from trauma. When soldiers lack resilience, they are prime candidates for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“Soldiers’ mental and spiritual health is affected by three variables: strong values that are supported by the chain of command; confidence in who they are, what they do, and personally believing in the mission; and that as individuals, they matter in the role that they play in the mission,” he explains.

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"Confessions of a Hamilton Cab Driver" by Hans Wienhold is now availabe on Amazon. Image: Amazon

A bullshit detector and a sense of humour make life bearable

Probably no one, not even his biggest fans, would put him in the same class of writers as Ernest Hemingway. However, as a Bullshit Detective, Hans Wienhold is in a class of his own. (In fact, in his Taxi News bio he proudly describes himself as a “Welfare Recipient at Senior’s Welfare; Self-Employed; and also, a Climate Scientist at BS Detective Services.”)

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Uber Canada's office in Toronto.

Uber to pick up unaccompanied teens

At its May 17th “Go-Get Family Style” launch event, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi stressed the company’s safety features which include dialling 911 in case of emergency (although, Uber’s Terms explain “In the event that you need to place a 911 emergency call on behalf of your teen, the dispatcher you’re connected with will see your location, not your teen’s.” How would that help?)

As a parent and a consumer, the sheer number of sexual assaults by Uber drivers in Canada and around the globe set alarm bells ringing.

As the publisher of Taxi News, I cringe recalling comments from an Uber driver who laughed that he didn’t drive for the money: “It’s to meet chicks, man, the chicks you meet at closing time!”

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Toronto's Hockey Hall of Fame. Is a city judged by the grandiosity of its buildings, or the industriousness of its workers? Photo: HHOF

Be ready for any surprise

I dragged myself to the Committee meeting room and took my seat in the row of speakers. Everyone was there for the same reason: to ask for funds for their program from the limited Tourism budget. My group, Taxis on Patrol, was asking for $7,000 to help fund an annual program which presented awards to cab drivers that had helped improve safety on Toronto streets. It also had a strong impact on improving the often-tenuous relationships between the cab industry, the city, and police.

My favourite Taxis on Patrol (“TOPS”) story was of a driver who saw a woman being beaten by a man on the street. He swerved to the curb and threw open his front door: the woman jumped in, he auto-locked the doors and just kept driving.

In our most famous file, a driver had a mother in the back seat whose fevered baby had gone into convulsions. The driver contacted dispatch who contacted 911 who walked the driver through every step to restore the baby to consciousness – we actually got permission to release the dramatic 911 tape of that event, and when it was played for Metro Council, several of the councillors were crying at the end of it. The baby lived.

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Ottawa Courthouse Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Fake Trucking school case delayed again to June 7

Court proceedings against individuals charged with operating fake truck driving schools have been delayed again, this time to June 7th, 2023.

In Ottawa criminal court on May 24th, Justice Grant was told by counsel for three of the four accused that they were seeking a delay of three weeks because “Counsel is having trouble meeting with the clients to decide which witnesses to call.”
Upon hearing this, Crown Attorney L. Welch remarked, “This file is already pretty old.”

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Giorgio Mammoliti talks to City Taxi's Paul Sekhon and driver/owners. Photo: Taxi News

Mammoliti promises to end “open entry,” fix insurance for Taxis if elected mayor

Giorgio Mammoliti promised that if elected Toronto’s mayor, he will end open entry for Vehicles for Hire and make his first phone call to Doug Ford and tell him to “fix Taxi insurance.”
Mammoliti was speaking at an event organized for members of the Taxi industry in a North York banquet hall on May 15th.

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