Monday, October 2, 2023

Author: Rita Smith

Richard Dunwoody of the Human Trafficking Survivors' Fund speaks at the 2023 Bridging the Barriers conference. Photo: RWN

Retired banker planting seeds of hope for trafficking survivors

Richard Dunwoody, founder of the Seeds of Hope Survivor’s Fund for persons escaping human trafficking, spoke at the 2023 Bridging the Barriers conference. Bridging the Barriers has been presented by the Women’s Trucking Federation Canada since 2018. Dunwoody, a retired

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Gurjeet Dhillon of Scarborough City Cabs reminded Councillors that the Taxi industry had made major strides in reducing emissions before Toronto scrapped the program to permit rideshare. Photo: YouTube
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Net Zero meeting minutes mean electric Taxi requirement moving ahead

Minutes posted to Toronto’s website on September 23rd indicate that Taxis and rideshare vehicles will need to be 100 per cent electric by 2030. Although several industry deputants including an insurance broker told Councillors that no one is offering insurance

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There is no scientific definition of "Net Zero" - "It's hocus pocus, pixie dust," Dan McTeague told Taxi News. Image: Disney
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Net Zero a “nebulous term, hocus-pocus, pixie dust” McTeague says

There is no scientific definition of “Net Zero” “’Net Zero’ is a nebulous term; it means nothing,” says Dan McTeague. “It’s a marketing term. There is no scientific definition of ‘Net Zero.’ It is a scam, a marketing scam. ‘Net

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If you can afford to purchase carbon offset credits, perhaps you can keep your stretch limo on the road. Remind me again, how does this help air quality? Image: Boss Limousines
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Stretch limousines and Accessible Taxis safe for now in Net Zero Toronto

Stretch limousines and Accessible Taxis. Stretch limos, and wheel-chair accessible Taxis. Members of the world’s wealthiest one per cent racing to the airport, to board a private jet bound for Davos where the elite munch canapes and discuss climate change….and

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