Sunday, April 21, 2024

Author: Rita Smith

Magna Founder Frank Stronach says Canada's economy is like an out-of-control freight train heading off a cliff; however, all changes and corrections must be made "in a civilized way." Photo: Road Warrior News
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Stronach’s new mission: Regenerate Canada, in a civilized way

“Canada’s economic problems are like an out-of-control freight train heading off a cliff” Frank Stronach has a plan to Regenerate Canada. Ideally, his plan would reward initiative with profit-sharing, while rolling out a hiring freeze on government bureaucrats and reducing

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Ontario Transportation Minister Prabmeet Sarkaria officially opens the new $30 million inspection station near Thunder Bay, Ontario. Photo: @PrabSarkaria
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Minister Sarkaria officially opens Thunder Bay inspection station

Increased inspections, improved training needed for Trucking safety, Sarkaria says Ontario’s Transportation Minister Prabmeet Sarkaria was in Shuniah on March 15th to marking the opening of a new commercial vehicle inspection station on Highway 11/17, generally referred to as the

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Councillor Jason Chavez addresses MULDA members and drivers at March 14th Council meeting. "Uber and Lyft pulled out all the stops to try and scare the Council into stopping this policy, but we are with the drivers because we believe in people over profits. I’m proud to have worked with my colleague and drivers to get to this point. We overrode the Mayor’s Veto (10-3)." Photo: Twitter
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Minneapolis Council votes minimum wage for Uber/Lyft

Uber, Lyft say they will abandon the city by May 1st implementation Dismissing Uber and Lyft’s threats to leave the city, the Minneapolis City Council voted 10-3 to override a mayoral veto of minimum pay rates for drivers, the Minnesota

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Screen grab from CBC's undercover camera videotaping a driving instructor explaining how students pay to receive forged certificates which state they have received training they did not receive. Photo: CBC

Driving schools selling certificates, forged documents in CBC undercover report

“Biggest lesson? It’s easy to cheat the system” The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) sent reporters with hidden cameras undercover to expose driving schools selling fraudulent certificates for cash. The result was angry instructors, with at least one sending threatening texts

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