Monday, October 2, 2023

Author: Rita Smith

On past visits to India, the Trudeau family's Indian garb was mocked by Indian media. "It just it just infuriates you this person who last time came in he was singing, dancing, and making a making a joke of himself, you know, dressed in all sorts of costumes, that this guy who just imposed an emergency - what is he smoking?" Rishbabh Gulati said on September 10th, 2023. Photo: Outlook India

Indian TV dumps on Justin Trudeau for nine minutes straight

Read the full transcript, below You were beating up Truckers in Canada, you were freezing their bank accounts. I mean, what is this guy talking, which world is he living in?” RISHBABH GULATI, NEWSX Canada, and indeed the entire world,

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RWN is grateful to contributors like Patriot Smoothie and The Democracy Fund, which have given permission for us to share their court coverage in the absence of any livestream for the Barber/Lich Trial.

Barber/Lich trial progress delayed as judge questions evidence

Reports from the Ottawa Courthouse on the trial of Freedom Convoy organizers Chris Barber and Tamara Lich are that little progress is being made. Evidence which Crown attorneys wish to use is being questioned by the  Justice Heather Perkins-McVey, who

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Ottawa's Director, By-Law and Regulatory Services Roger Chapman helped present certificate to drivers who completed training. Driver Mahmoud Abou-Akrouche is one of the newest Taxi drivers in Canada's capital. Photo: Taxi News
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Coventry team and Ottawa officials congratulate city’s newest Taxi drivers

Demonstration of brand new Accessible vans was a highlight —Updated August 29 with additional information. Ottawa’s newest class Taxi drivers has finished training and is ready for the road. CEO of Coventry Connections Marc André Way welcomed two dozen new

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Image: Ontario MAG

Fake Trucking schools headed for “judge and jury” trial November, 2024

The “fake Trucking schools” criminal case appears to be headed for trial in the Superior Court of Justice (SCJ) in November, 2024.

While some administrative details remain to be worked out, Crown Attorney Julian Whitten pointed out, “We have over a year to get that together.”

“We have lots of time,” Justice H.W. Carl deJong agreed. He assigned the date of October 4th, 2023 for a return date for all of the lawyers to return and “get everything in order for SCJ.”

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Shocking audio recording played At Ottawa police detective’s trial

The first day of Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus’s trial began with prayer outside the tribunal, and ended with many spectators saying they were shocked by an audio recording played by the prosecution. Detective Grus is charged with Discreditable Conduct under the Police Services Act for the ‘unauthorized’ re-investigation of nine sudden infant deaths (‘SIDS’), where she sought to know if the mothers’ vaccination status might have been connected with the deaths.

Monday August 14, 2023 was not the trial, but a pre-trial hearing where defense and prosecution debated the adequacy of disclosure and whether defense would be able to call and cross-exam a lengthy list of witnesses. The prosecution also played an almost three-hour recording of the the May 12, 2022 Professional Standards interview of Detective Grus that caused one retired RCMP observer to declare, “This is becoming a trial about Ottawa Police officers being in Neglect of Duty for failing to properly investigate Sudden Infant Deaths, and for obstructing Detective Grus’s investigations.”

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