Monday, October 2, 2023


There is no scientific definition of "Net Zero" - "It's hocus pocus, pixie dust," Dan McTeague told Taxi News. Image: Disney
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Net Zero a “nebulous term, hocus-pocus, pixie dust” McTeague says

There is no scientific definition of “Net Zero” “’Net Zero’ is a nebulous term; it means nothing,” says Dan McTeague. “It’s a marketing term. There is no scientific definition of ‘Net Zero.’ It is a scam, a marketing scam. ‘Net

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Tom Marazzo's book "The People's Emergency Act" is available through Amazon. It became an overnight best seller when it was released in early September.
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Why did Canada ignore decades of Emergency Management experience during COVID?

Canada is approaching the three-year anniversary of its first case of COVID-19. Over time, it has become increasingly clear that COVID represented not just a public health issue, but a crisis in governance and democratic values. COVID forced Canadians to face the fact that government systems they trusted unquestioningly are not functioning as smoothly as we had all assumed.

For example, long before COVID appeared, expert, professional Emergency Management Organizations (EMOs) already existed in every province and territory. They’ve battled wildfires in Alberta, ice storms in British Columbia, and floods in Manitoba. They maintain constant contact with each other, and with their federal, municipal, and international counterparts. They partner with public sector agencies and private sector businesses.

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If you can afford to purchase carbon offset credits, perhaps you can keep your stretch limo on the road. Remind me again, how does this help air quality? Image: Boss Limousines
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Stretch limousines and Accessible Taxis safe for now in Net Zero Toronto

Stretch limousines and Accessible Taxis. Stretch limos, and wheel-chair accessible Taxis. Members of the world’s wealthiest one per cent racing to the airport, to board a private jet bound for Davos where the elite munch canapes and discuss climate change….and

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