Sunday, March 3, 2024


In its early days, Uber claimed drivers could earn a substantial living. Now it promotes the idea that it is a "gig" job or side-hustle. Image: Earla Phillips
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Uber launched with claims of $90,000 income

Could the “gig economy” be coming for your job? by Earla Phillips Uber has done a great job of convincing the public that it is just a “gig.” It didn’t start out that way.  It started in many cities by

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EV dreams seem more like blue-sky fantasies every day. Photo: Taxi News
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The crazed ambition to forcibly convert us away from oil and gas

The good news is, EVs are a sales bust by Jeffrey Tucker We are living through one of history’s longest and most excruciating versions of “We told you so.” When in March 2020, the world’s government decided to “shut down”

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During February 2022, the Trudeau government literally trampled protesters in Ottawa. In 2024, courts deemed use of the Emergencies Act unlawful and unjustified. Photo: Twitter
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The “hideous irony” of Canada’s first official Kindness Week

Government rhetoric vs real life by Donna Laframboise Today wraps up Kindness Week here in Canada. The third week of February has been so designated by our national government. A law was passed to that effect. The legislation was the brainchild of Jim

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Road Warrior News is celebrating the second anniversary of the Truckers' Freedom Convoy
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Anniversary Convoy visits Ottawa

Patriot Smoothie is in Ottawa this weekend, covering the Freedom Convoy second anniversary celebrations. The vibe is “courageous and contagious,” he reports. People are showing up with HIGH ENERGY for the convoy anniversary in Ottawa! — patriotsmoothie 🇨🇦 (@rightblend)

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"We are all hoping to serve the same pie of customers, but the pie is not getting any bigger," an airport driver told Taxi News. Image: Taxi News
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GTAA: It’s déjà vu all over again

Does the wheel really need to be re-invented, again? And again? UPDATE FEBRUARY 15/TAXI NEWS CORRECTION: “Alternative taxicab” in Schedule “B” Fees does not refer to rideshare vehicles; it refers to fully Electric Vehicles. Information on the conditions being offered

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