There is no mistake: Tim Hortons owes winners $10,000 – don’t get fished in by their sob story

The astonishing saga of Tim Horton’s attempt to evade paying out $10,000 Roll up the Rim to Win prizes is anti-Canadian.

What’s astonishing is not that Tim’s claims that because a mistake was made, they are not paying out. The astonishing part is that Canadians are shrugging and accepting this blasphemous idea without protest.

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Ottawa traffic a perfect storm of events and incompetence

Ottawa is in the throes of a perfect storm of events and incompetence which could only be achieved by all levels of government working in tandem.

Thousands of workers who once took public transit to work have abandoned it in frustration. According to the public servant who shared this incredible story (with a request for anonymity), they have ironically reverted to driving their carbon-spewing cars to get to their desks, where they then cannot do their jobs.

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Ontario claims it never mandated COVID shots while Canada quietly backs down on boosters

Now starts the COVID gaslighting: hold onto your sanity, citizens. Governments want you to understand that everything you believed they were telling you about COVID shots and mandates for the past three years is wrong. You heard it wrong. You understood it wrong. You are misremembering things.

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Official lies about Covid: Truckers were right all along

In addition to the large number of alternative media sources which have been debunking Covid myths since early 2020, numerous mainstream media outlets are now reporting on the topic.

The New York Post recently published a piece by Marty Makary titled “10 myths told by Covid experts – and now debunked.” In the piece Makary, a medical doctor and professor at Johns Hopkins University, corrects several of the falsehoods that have been presented as fact for the past three years:

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Proposed changes to Canada’s transportation of dangerous goods legislation

The Canadian government proposed significant changes to the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act (Canada) on November 26, 2022. The public consultation period recently closed on February 9, 2023. These proposed changes are seen as a necessary step in modernizing regulations related to the transportation, import, export and handling of these types of goods to further align Canada’s requirements with the prevailing international standards.

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