Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Opinion/ColumnWalk the Talk with Paul Kearley

The Land of Suckatude and Oscillation

Successful people consistently do the things that unsuccessful people don’t dare to do

by Paul Kearley

Paul Kearley

Many years ago, I was in Toronto for a 3 day “stretch” camp that our company put on for all of the managing partners and staff from all across Canada.  It was an amazing business experience and  I came away from there charged, convicted and challenged.

Charged because I had a brand new team that I was incredibly proud of and who were full of energy and creativity and really “showed up” at the meetings. No challenge was too big for either one of them; they gave all and they proved their abilities.

It’s almost 20 years now, and I have a new team and I am again charged and convicted.

Convicted because we have a new vision that is superior to any vision that I have ever had before, and it has captured my imagination and my passion.

Challenged because this vision that we have is going to stretch me to limits that I have only talked about in the past.

During those three days in Toronto, some of the participants were asked to do a 10 minute inspiration talk for the group.  One of them, Neil Thornton, really stood out for me, and I remember his talk as much today as I did then.  Neil was our then managing partner in the Niagara region of Ontario. He played a clip from Larry Winget’s audio book “It’s called work for a reason” along with his own unique brand of motivation.  Presented in a humorous yet forceful way, the essence of Neil’s presentation was “your life is your own fault”.  Good or bad, if we suck at anything, it’s because of our actions or our attitudes.  End of story.

What I took from that stretch camp and inspirational talk was simply this:  No matter where you are in life, no matter what you have or do, your results are a direct reflection of your efforts and attitudes.

No amount of sitting around moaning about the fact that your business or your life isn’t working out the way it should is going to change that fact.  You know what will work though? Actually doing something about it.

Thanks Neil.

If you have made a plan or have a vision to follow, and it just doesn’t seem to be working, you can either change the goal, or you can change the plan, but you must do something about it.  To do nothing is to purchase property in the land of, as Neil calls it, Suckatude and Oscillation.  You don’t want that, and I don’t want that for you either.

To create successful habits that can be your vehicle out of inaction, follow these four principles:

Clearly identify your bad and unproductive habits.

Define your new successful habits

Create an action plan.

Get into action and stay there.

There is one thing that I have observed over the years that seems to be a pattern with unsuccessful people:  They give up before they start.

If you look at most of the whiners and complainers in life who are always complaining that they can’t seem to get ahead, notice that before they actually do anything they are already talking about the raw deal they were given and how hard change is going to be on them. These are the kind of people who first have to know exactly how it will be done, and then they wait for everything to be perfect before they start.

Heaven forbid they ever make a mistake.

If you are ever going to achieve success, you just have to start!  If you wait until you know exactly how to do it, it will never happen.  This I guarantee: Just ask Bill Gates, Thomas Edison, Dale Carnegie, Andrew Carnegie, and countless people in your own community, who have what you want.

So, this week, if you want to sell your home and leave the land of Suckatude, remember that you have to turn the ignition on before your vehicle will start.  Make sure your tank is filled with enthusiasm, your trunk is packed with your abilities and set out on your journey.  If you don’t get there, or if you can’t start your ignition, as my friend Neil says, it’s your fault.  Find a way to fix it and make it happen. Many are counting on you to get it done.

Make this your best week ever!


Paul Kearley is a professional leadership, communications and sales coach for businesspeople who are taking command of their career and making an impact. He has worked as a business coach and trainer, Virtual Trainer, and speaker since 1985.

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