Monday, October 2, 2023

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Beck Taxi Operations Manager Kristine Hubbard. Photo: YouTube
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Net Zero needs a plan which is actually possible: Hubbard

60,000 Ubers cruising empty 40% of the time represent 95% of these vehicles Following is the transcript of Kristine Hubbard’s September 21st deputation to Toronto’s Economic Development Committee. Taxi News will share transcripts of additional deputations in the days ahead.

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'The reaction from strangers has been — I'm disappointed because you were this, that and the other in our community and I don't put that together with you representing Tamara Lich,' says Lawrence Greenspon. (Alistair Steele/CBC) This photo of Edward Greenspon accompanied an April 2022 CBC news story.
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Tamara Lich’s lawyer knows how horrifying the world becomes when good men do nothing

There is a story behind that Greenspon Photo by Donna Laframboise In April 2022 – less than two months after the Freedom Convoy has been violently suppressed – we learned that Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich had retained the services

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Parent Ewa Mountain attended both the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa and teh March4Kids in Durham. "March 4Kids felt like the sequel to the Freedom Convoy," she told RWN. Photo: Andy Parsons-Sheridan
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March4Kids “felt like the sequel to the Freedom Convoy”

By Ewa Mountain It was a protest of all ages. Many families came out with their young kids. Grandparents and youth were there. It was a day that filled me with HOPE again, just like the day I watched from

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RWN is grateful to contributors like Patriot Smoothie and The Democracy Fund, which have given permission for us to share their court coverage in the absence of any livestream for the Barber/Lich Trial.

Barber/Lich Day#10 video summary: does flying a flag make you a “protest vehicle”?

Patriot Smoothie is struggling valiantly to keep his reports to about five minutes, but the sheer volume of information associated with 22 witnesses and an expanding trial schedule is making that difficult. Below is the final of his three updates

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