Chinese interference in 2019 and 2021 elections: Democracy Watch calls on Commissioner of Canada Elections to investigate

“Enough evidence of China-government sponsored election interference in the 2019 and 2021 federal elections has been reported to make it clear that the Commissioner needs to do a full investigation and issue a public report of what the investigation reveals concerning violations of Canada’s election law,” said Duff Conacher, Co-founder of Democracy Watch. “A public inquiry would delay the enactment of clearly needed changes, and will only be needed if the Commissioner, the House Committee and the national security committee of parliamentarians fail to investigate China’s election interference fully, fail to reveal key information about what happened, or fail to issue public, comprehensive reports recommending all the key changes needed to stop future interference.”

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Fired by the algorithm: new report says rideshare drivers face unchecked discrimination

Uber Canada’s head office in Toronto Photo: Taxi News Unchecked discrimination and secret algorithms fuel deactivation crisis among rideshare drivers, first-time survey finds The press release below was distributed by the Asian Americans Law Caucus on February 28, 2023: SAN

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Tory’s surging ride-share bills before quitting

I was planning to wait until the final expense data for 2022 was posted. I also intended to do a more in-depth exploration of whether it matters that mayoral staffers have increasingly relied on a private transportation option to get around while doing their jobs — in the midst of TTC ridership struggles — but recent happenings have caused those plans to change. This data, after all, will be way less relevant with someone else in the mayor’s seat.

Still, I think the data is interesting.

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When the Most Cynical Amongst Us Are Proved Right

“Enjoy the report.” Those were the last words Commissioner Paul Rouleau uttered before rising and leaving the room yesterday. The room in which he cheerfully announced that the Canadian government was justified when it invoked the Emergencies Act against festive, peaceful, working class protesters a year ago.

Which part did he imagine we’d enjoy? The knowledge that there’s absolutely no accountability in our political system? The knowledge that a vast network of supposed checks and balances (funded year in and year out by the sweat of working Canadians) offers us no protection from tyrannical, rogue politicians?

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Perrin Beatty, sponsor of the Emergencies Act, never expected it to be used against nuisances

Perrin Beatty, the former cabinet minister who shepherded Canada’s Emergencies Act through Parliament. Photo: Canadian Chamber of Commerce by Donna Laframboise Perrin Beatty, the former cabinet minister who shepherded the Emergencies Act through Canada’s Parliament in 1988 has given an interview to La Presse, a

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