Monday, September 25, 2023

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'The reaction from strangers has been — I'm disappointed because you were this, that and the other in our community and I don't put that together with you representing Tamara Lich,' says Lawrence Greenspon. (Alistair Steele/CBC) This photo of Edward Greenspon accompanied an April 2022 CBC news story.
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Tamara Lich’s lawyer knows how horrifying the world becomes when good men do nothing

There is a story behind that Greenspon Photo by Donna Laframboise In April 2022 – less than two months after the Freedom Convoy has been violently suppressed – we learned that Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich had retained the services

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Parent Ewa Mountain attended both the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa and teh March4Kids in Durham. "March 4Kids felt like the sequel to the Freedom Convoy," she told RWN. Photo: Andy Parsons-Sheridan
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March4Kids “felt like the sequel to the Freedom Convoy”

By Ewa Mountain It was a protest of all ages. Many families came out with their young kids. Grandparents and youth were there. It was a day that filled me with HOPE again, just like the day I watched from

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Shocking audio recording played At Ottawa police detective’s trial

The first day of Ottawa Police Detective Helen Grus’s trial began with prayer outside the tribunal, and ended with many spectators saying they were shocked by an audio recording played by the prosecution. Detective Grus is charged with Discreditable Conduct under the Police Services Act for the ‘unauthorized’ re-investigation of nine sudden infant deaths (‘SIDS’), where she sought to know if the mothers’ vaccination status might have been connected with the deaths.

Monday August 14, 2023 was not the trial, but a pre-trial hearing where defense and prosecution debated the adequacy of disclosure and whether defense would be able to call and cross-exam a lengthy list of witnesses. The prosecution also played an almost three-hour recording of the the May 12, 2022 Professional Standards interview of Detective Grus that caused one retired RCMP observer to declare, “This is becoming a trial about Ottawa Police officers being in Neglect of Duty for failing to properly investigate Sudden Infant Deaths, and for obstructing Detective Grus’s investigations.”

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Photo: "Think Big" Mike Murchison
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Trucking industry sounds alarm after Biden’s latest “green” move, warns of supply chain breakdown

It’s all fun and games with these goofy electric vehicles until the next thing you know there’s no more toilet paper. Or medicine. Or food.

In its ongoing effort to destroy just about everything, the Biden administration is now cracking down on the trucking industry.
Let that sink in for a moment.

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Trudeau used the Emergencies Act to nuke Bouncy Castles

Back in 1970 Tommy Douglas was the only Member of Parliament to vote against Pierre Trudeau imposing the War Measures Act. He called it trying to “Kill a Mouse with a Sledgehammer.

Justin Trudeau did the same thing, only this time he used a nuclear bomb to kill Bouncy Castles.

Just look to other countries that have recently had REAL emergencies with bombs and killing in the streets like France, England, Egypt, Guatemala, and many others.

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Unifor backs taxi drivers in case against City of Ottawa

FEBRUARY 10, 2023 – OTTAWA – Regulators at the City of Ottawa acted irresponsibly when they rushed through ride-sharing approvals without a plan to mitigate the impacts on the city’s taxi fleet, says Unifor.

“By capitulating to the demands of multinational tech giants, the local government set up a race to the bottom in the taxi industry and, in many cases, stripped workers of their retirement security,” said Lana Payne, Unifor National President. “The resulting two-tiered system was devastating for hundreds of families relying on incomes from taxi services.”

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