Monday, July 15, 2024
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BC regs: Still no transparency in gig pay calculations

from the Gig Workers’ United “X” feed

What do we think of the new platform  gig work regulations in BC?

It’s great the provincial government recognizes that this is an unsustainable situation but we are disappointed that the legislation doesn’t go far enough in tackling the injustice and exploitation of gig work.

The top-ups for fuel and vehicle maintenance look good at first, but there is nothing stopping apps from lowering base pay to make up for these top ups. There is no transparency in how pay is calculated and thus nothing stopping apps from taking advantage of this.

A worker is a worker, and an honest day of work deserves respectable pay and fair treatment. While these new regulations may seem to raise the bar for gig workers, they actually lower the bar for all workers. It says they deserve less than the minimum for everyone else.

A job should be a pathway to building a life, not a trap. What’s needed is to end misclassification of app gig work and raising the standards of all workers so people can start building their dreams in this country again.


Gig Workers United

Gig Workers United, supported by the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), is both full-time and part-time delivery app couriers; racialized and migrant workers; women and trans people; international students; and people with families. We are organizing for the transparent pay, livable wages, improved health and safety conditions, and labour protections we deserve.