Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Canada 2.0

Canada, the True North Strong and Free, is failing. Our nation, founded upon the premises of the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law, is in danger of collapsing into tyranny and chaos. RWN’s category “Canada 2.0” is dedicated to coverage of the crucially important individuals and groups who have committed their efforts to recovering and rebuilding Canada.

Magna Founder Frank Stronach says Canada's economy is like an out-of-control freight train heading off a cliff; however, all changes and corrections must be made "in a civilized way." Photo: Road Warrior News
Canada 2.0Feature/Profile

Stronach’s new mission: Regenerate Canada, in a civilized way

“Canada’s economic problems are like an out-of-control freight train heading off a cliff” Frank Stronach has a plan to Regenerate Canada. Ideally, his plan would reward initiative with profit-sharing, while rolling out a hiring freeze on government bureaucrats and reducing

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Coalition for a Better Future is headed up by Liberal Anne McLellan and Conservative Lisa Raitt. Image: CFBF
Canada 2.0Democracy & GovernmentMedia release

“Economic growth is not an abstract concept”

Liberal, Conservative team up to build a better future Canada’s persistent economic weakness threatens to undermine our future prosperity, says a new report by the Coalition for a Better Future released on March 19th. In a world of disruption, geopolitical

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