Travis McDougall of Truckers for Safer Highways

MPPs, Trucking pros want more and better training

ck driver training was in the spotlight in a press conference held March 22nd to call for improved highway safety in Northern Ontario. Politicians and Trucking professionals believe that at least some, if not all, of the tragic accidents which took place over the March 17th weekend could have been avoided.

MPP Lise Vaugeois

Travis McDougall of Truckers for Safer Highways published a statement on March 18 noting that “The amount of collisions and commercial vehicles off the road should be embarrassing to us all.”

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This graphic released January 7, 2021, indicates Rest Area scheduled to be created or refurbished by the Province of Ontario.

Rest Stops: 2 new, 8 refurbished, 18 projects yet to start

On January 7, 2021, Transportation Minister Caroline Mulroney announced that Ontario would invest in Rest Stops. “The Ontario government is improving 14 existing truck rest areas, building 10 new rest areas and adding 178 additional truck parking spaces at four

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Lise Vaugeois, MPP for Thunder Bay–Superior North

Vaugeois quotes Auditor General’s report on carrier testing results in press conference addressing “really tragic accidents in our region”

Northern Ontario saw such egregious accidents involving commercial trucks over the March 17th weekend, NDP member Lise Vaugeois (Thunder Bay-Superior North) sponsored a press conference to call upon Ontario to address persistent safety issues including road conditions and driver training.

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In one of the March 17th incidents, a transport truck left the road and took out parts of two houses. Photo: Danelle Clarke, Facebook

NDP MPPs offer condolences to victims’ families after winter weather, Trucking failures cause accidents and death

NDP MPP John Vanthof (Timiskaming–Cochrane) opened his remarks on March 22nd by offering condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in commercial vehicle accidents on the weekend of March 17th.

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Northern Ontario was blasted with brutal winter weather the weekend of March 17th; some Truckers opted to park and wait out the storm while others pressed on. Image: Environment Canada

Number of collisions, commercial vehicles off the road should be embarrassing to us all: McDougall

“A 75-year-old from Ignace has been identified as the victim
in this morning’s collision east of Dryden.

The Dryden and Ignace OPP say they responded to the collision on
Highway 17 near Camp Lake Road
involving a tractor-trailer unit and a snowplow.

The OPP says the driver of the tractor-trailer unit
did not receive any injuries,
and highway 17 remains closed.
The identity of the 75-year-old from Ignace was not released.

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Gloria Fung of the Canada-Hong Kong Link testified that the Chinese Communist Party made illegal donations to Canadian elections over many years. Photo: CPAC

Elections interference will not be a Confidence vote, Trudeau says – but tradition says the Budget will

The Special Committee hearing on interference by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Canadian elections heard last night that such interference has been long-standing and highly organized.

Gloria Fung of the Canada-Hong Kong link testified that the CCP broke Elections Canada laws regularly over the years, paying volunteers to help preferred candidates and making illegal campaigns donations. Illegal donations were fairly easy to track, Fung said, “because the numbers came with decimal points. They had been made in a foreign currency.”

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Former Taxi driver now Trucker/Author finds humour everywhere

“Stories from the Road,” Taylor’s memoir about driving long-haul trucks across North America maintains steady sales on Amazon as both a print book and audiobook.

Friends and family members loved Taylor’s stories around the campfire so much, they convinced him to write the stories in a book. Image: Friesen Press
This anecdote, published as part of RWN’s original review of the book in 2022, remain

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