Monday, December 11, 2023

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Ottawa Courthouse Photo: Wikimedia Commons
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Can government ignore its own laws to benefit select businesses? Ottawa court case asks

Are governments in Canada subject to the laws they write?

If so, what are the consequences (if any) when the very bodies that write the statutes willfully ignore them?

Two court cases are proceeding right now. Both are against municipal governments who wrote and ignored laws so cavalierly that they put consumers at risk, and cost thousands of small business people virtually everything they owned.

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Toronto City Council chambers
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Taxi, Limo, Rideshare, Vehicle for Hire, Private Transportation Company…as the terms get more complicated, concepts get more confused

Mayor Olivia Chow’s admirable attempt to cap the number of rideshare vehicles cruising city streets perversely resulted in a halt in the licensing of drivers for Accessible Taxis, perhaps the driver category needed most urgently in Toronto. The Law of

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Image: US Department of Energy
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Ontario Investing in Hydrogen to Fuel Province’s Growing Economy

           Projects to explore expanding hydrogen as a clean alternative fuel             MARKHAM – The Ontario government announced on October 12 the first six projects that will receive funding through the new Hydrogen Innovation Fund, which will kickstart and develop

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Taxi driving in Thunder Bay circa 1985: Don Taylor’s driving career gets started

I had always loved driving, and mom once told me the only car seat she could put me in where I wouldn’t cry was one with a steering wheel. I, of course, have no memory of this. I started driving taxi not thinking of it as a start to a trucking career. Instead, I just figured it would do until “something better comes along.”  It would be nine years of “making do” before I made the jump to being a full-time truck driver.

Before he was a writer, and before he was a Truck driver, Don Taylor earned his living as a Taxi driver at Roach’s Taxi in Thunder Bay.

My test drive with Roach’s was with one of their big commercial customers, mainly to see how I’d treat the vehicle on rough roads. The owner’s brother was the road tester, meaning, of course, that I was gentle with the car.

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