Monday, July 15, 2024
Windsor-Detroit Ambassador Bridge Photo: Detroit Historical Society

June strike could disrupt border crossings

The Public Service Alliance of Canada has posted the following information to its website along with a letter to “industry stakeholders:”

“As a strike by over 9,000 CBSA personnel looms across the country, PSAC has written to transportation industry stakeholders warning of potential disruptions at ports and border crossings nationwide and urging them to pressure the government to negotiate a fair collective agreement for FB group members as soon as possible to avoid delays in the event of job action.

“Trucking companies, customs brokers, and parcel delivery services all rely on the safe and efficient transmission of goods across the border, something PSAC members in the FB group are proudly responsible for. In 2021, job action by CBSA personnel nearly brought commercial cross-border traffic to a standstill, significantly impacting their operations until an agreement was reached that made important gains for workers.”

PSAC/CBSA letter May 27