Monday, September 25, 2023
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Group #2 in Top Ten Groups that made the Truckers’ Convoy necessary: highly-paid, life-long bureaucrats, discussion on Lead Pedal Radio Jan. 18

Rita Smith and Bruce Outridge will pick up the “Top Ten” discussion on January 18th at 10am.

On January 11th, Rita Smith of Road Warrior News and Bruce Outridge of Lead Pedal Media got to cover just one of the groups that failed to do the job for which they are paid, and whose failure resulted in the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy.

Rita and Bruce will pick up the conversation on Wednesday, January 18th on the Lead Pedal Radio Show at 10am EST. You can access the live program by clicking this link to Lead Pedal Radio.

“On the January 11th show, we had so much to catch up on and cover that we only got to discuss the first group that failed to do their job,” Smith explains. “We had quite a lively conversation exploring the fact that the two people who get paid over $200,000 per year to provide intelligent, articulate opposition to the Prime Minister actually provided no opposition whatsoever.

“And yet, Erin O’Toole and Jagmeet Singh cashed their paycheques every two weeks, shamelessly, while they let the Truckers provide the only real opposition to Trudeau. Truckers didn’t get paid for this; they spent their own money doing it. O’Toole and Singh should refund taxpayers the paycheques they picked up for doing nothing, and making the Convoy necessary.”

The second group on Smith’s “Top Ten Groups that failed to oppose Trudeau” consists of the highly-paid senior bureaucrats and officials who get to keep their jobs even when elected governments change. These include Dr. Theresa Tam, Dr. Howard Ngoo and numerous others, none of whom spoke up to challenge government over illegal, unscientific COVID restrictions as they were rolled out.

The other eight groups are:

  • Labour unions
  • Provincial premiers
  • Lawyers’ associations
  • Medical establishment
  • Teachers
  • Universities and academics
  • Ottawa-funded scientists
  • Ordinary Canadians

“As the one-year anniversary of the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy approaches, I hope Canadians and others who love democracy will stop and think about how many of the people that get paid to speak truth to power failed to push back on Justin Trudeau at all,” Smith says. “Especially the science-based groups who knew the mandates had no basis in science. Truckers are the last group of people you would have expected to make the stand they did: not only do they not get paid to protest, like Labour Unions do, they actually had to spend money out of their own pocket to drive to Ottawa.”

Truckers didn’t get paid to drive to Ottawa to protest Vaccine Mandates; they paid out of their own pockets for the privilege of doing so. Photo: FB