Tuesday, May 28, 2024
This Beck Taxi billboard was part of a multi-media campaign created by Haydon Strategy. Photo: Beck Taxi
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Advertising, social media experts on April 25 CTA Zoom

Sample spot from Beck Taxi’s “Get to Know Your Driver” campaign. Video: Beck Taxi

Participants on the CTA Zoom Webinar will get double the expert advice on April 25th.

The webinar topic at 2:30 April 25th is “Advertising and Social Media: what works, what doesn’t.”

Kristine Hubbard, Operations Manager at Beck Taxi in Toronto and Layna Segall, Social Media Manager for Checker Cabs in Calgary, will both present samples from campaigns they’ve run in years past. Webinar participants will get the “backstory” on the ads, and whether the Taxi firms considered them to be worth the money spent.

Hubbard and Segall have both arranged to have their creative agency representatives join them for the webinar, so that participating Taxi industry members will have the opportunity not only to learn about the ad campaigns from sponsors but also to ask questions of the creative producers on products and processes.

The Canadian Taxi Association (CTA) began hosting monthly Zoo webinars for industry members in October, 2023. Presenters have included specialists in Artificial Intelligence and using Taxis to support municipal Emergency Medical Services.

To register for the CTA webinar, visit the CTA website Events page.