The climate con is reaching epidemic proportions

The climate has been changing for 4.5 billion years and it will keep on changing for the next 4.5 billion years. Climate change is not going away. And if you think a bunch of politicians who can’t run a passport office, or prevent raw sewage from flowing into Lake Ontario for decades, have the ability to control the climate, then you’re really not very bright.

Another thing that isn’t going away is the Climate Change con. In fact, it’s escalating. If we, the people, don’t start pushing back on this monumental scam NOW, it may soon be too late. Ignore the BS in the Junk News media that is obviously ratcheting up the false alarm, with the clear intention of making the taste of the open prison life we endured during the scamdemic lockdowns permanent.

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There is no mistake: Tim Hortons owes winners $10,000 – don’t get fished in by their sob story

The astonishing saga of Tim Horton’s attempt to evade paying out $10,000 Roll up the Rim to Win prizes is anti-Canadian.

What’s astonishing is not that Tim’s claims that because a mistake was made, they are not paying out. The astonishing part is that Canadians are shrugging and accepting this blasphemous idea without protest.

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Ontario claims it never mandated COVID shots while Canada quietly backs down on boosters

Now starts the COVID gaslighting: hold onto your sanity, citizens. Governments want you to understand that everything you believed they were telling you about COVID shots and mandates for the past three years is wrong. You heard it wrong. You understood it wrong. You are misremembering things.

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Did China help Liberal MP Dong win seat? Trudeau vows to protect Dong from “anti-Asian racism”

Below is a transcript of the exchange between a reporter and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a February 27th press conference. Earlier in the conference, media asked Trudeau to comment on Global News’ report that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had bussed senior citizens in from outside the riding of Don Valley East to vote to for Liberal Han Dong. The report said that international Chinese students were also bussed in from outside the riding and told they would be returned to China unless they voted for Dong.

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Premier Danielle Smith Takes on Trudeau’s “Just Transition” and comes out swinging: Dan McTeague

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith Photo: Facebook by Dan McTeague It’s official! The Trudeau Liberal government’s “Just Transition” plan to kill the oil and gas industry is going forward!  What is “Just Transition”? While the details of Liberals‘ plan are few, Trudeau’s

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Canada’s medical assistance in dying program is a dangerous way of thinking

As a Dale Carnegie business coach, I often kicked off the New Year with January workshops on goal setting and stress reduction. Both workshops focused on helping people use their time and energy to get the best results possible. Both were predicated upon the principle that all accomplishment begins with thinking: “Our life is what our thoughts make it.”

This year, I am horrified to realize that some Canadians are now wondering whether they should include suicide in their plans.

Listening to Justin Trudeau, you could the idea that Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) is mainly around the idea of “choice.” Some Canadians are being given the opportunity to choose whether they want to live or to die. Canada won’t tell them which to choose; the choice is theirs. When you position it that way, it seems so helpful, respectful and dignified.

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Landmark Lawsuit Slaps Legacy Media With Antitrust, First Amendment Claims for Censoring COVID-Related Content

A lawsuit filed January 10th by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and multiple other plaintiffs, alleges the Trusted News Initiative, a self-described “industry partnership” launched in March 2020 by several of the world’s largest news organizations, partnered with Big Tech firms to collectively censor online news.
“By censoring independent voices, what they’re doing is economic suppression. Antitrust is against trusts, it’s against monopolies, and what the TNI has done is essentially create a global media monopoly in the English language.”
–Mary Holland, CHD president and general counsel
In a live interview January 10th on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman and chief litigation counsel for Children’s Health Defense (CHD), announced that he and several other plaintiffs filed a groundbreaking novel lawsuit making antitrust and constitutional claims against legacy media outlets.
The lawsuit targets the Trusted News Initiative (TNI), a self-described “industry partnership” launched in March 2020 by several of the world’s largest news organizations, including the BBC, The Associated Press (AP), Reuters and The Washington Post — all of which are named as defendants in the lawsuit.

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“I assumed this was a joke; it’s not” – study claims unvaxxed involved in more accidents

When I first saw articles covering the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) study this week linking vaccine status with vehicle accidents rates, I thought I was reading a satirical parody from the Beaverton or the Babylon Bee.

But no – these were genuine articles, published by serious players like Sunnybrook Hospital and CTV. It’s really hard to view the straight-up news coverage without laughing, or vomiting.

The gist of all the words boils down to the idea that unvaccinated people cause more traffic accidents, likely because people who ignore government demands to get vaccinated are likely to ignore the rules of road, too.

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