Thursday, June 20, 2024
Purolator employees who refused to share their medical information with the corporation (90 per cent owned by Canada Post) were sent home without pay, and many were then fired. Photo: RWN
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Ontario claims it never mandated COVID shots while Canada quietly backs down on boosters

Purolator (owned by Canada Post) fired employees who declined to share their health records and COVID status. As of March 3rd, Canada no longer recommends COVID boosters for healthy people younger than 65. Image: Vincent Favreau

“We did not have a mandate in Ontario, from this government’s vantage point.”

Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s Chief Public Officer of Health, March 7th 2023

Now starts the COVID gaslighting: hold onto your sanity, citizens. Governments want you to understand that everything you believed they were telling you about COVID shots and mandates for the past three years is wrong. You heard it wrong. You understood it wrong. You are misremembering things.

Image: NACI

It’s not them; it’s you.

Within a period of only hours, Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) quietly removed its recommendation for healthy people under 65 to get a COVID booster shot, while Ontario now claims it never mandated COVID shots to begin with.

Wait, what? I have worked up-close-and-personal with Ontario cops and nurses who were sent home from their jobs without pay for refusing the jab. The nurses were actually fired while the cops were eventually called back to work (without ever getting a COVID shot. They lost a years’ pay for nothing).

Meanwhile over at Purolator (majority owner Canada Post) employees who declined to share their health information and COVID status with the corporation were sent home for a year and THEN fired.

Those cold, hard facts of employment and unemployment are being misunderstood, we are now told. There was never any vaccine mandate; boosters were never recommended for everyone.

“On March 7, 2023, a presentation was given at the School of Policy Studies, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada,” notes Dr. Byram Bridle in a post on March 8th.

“I found it hard to believe how much misinformation was relayed, which is suggestive of a failure to follow the science (which has now flip-flopped the entire ‘narrative’); and is indicative of poorly qualified leaders/experts who lacked the relevant expertise.

“It also demonstrated many attempts to ‘cover the tracks,’” notes Bridle, who was one of the first and most highly credentialed experts to question the COVID narrative in early 2020. Dr. Bridle is an Associate Professor of Viral Immunology in the Department of Pathobiology at the University of Guelph.

The entire Queen’s video can be viewed here. Road Warrior News has excerpted a key portion of the video (below) in which Ontario’s Chief Officer of Public Health, states that it was never the province’s intention to mandate COVID shots, but rather, to ensure that organizations offered an alternative like testing or remote work for those who declined the jab.

Click the white arrow at right to view Dr. Kieran Moore stating Ontario did not have a vaccine mandate. Video: YouTube

Moore’s exact words on video are these:

“From the government’s vantage point, when we asked, we asked for a vaccine policy. That policy, if, should have been to the point that if you don’t get vaccinated, they offer, whatever the policy was, they offer an alternate to the individual.

So, if you couldn’t, if the school didn’t want you to come to the classroom at a university or college, then you would be allowed virtual.

So, so, our vantage point, we, we wanted it to, to, to be a policy framework rather than a mandate.

And that we did not have a mandate in Ontario, from this government’s vantage point.”

That is an astonishing statement, raising gaslighting by government to a high art. George Orwell could only be envious of how shamelessly Kieran Moore is being allowed to toss three years of terror down the Memory Hole.

In November 2021, I wrote a column describing Canada’s COVID mandates as “confusing by design.”

“Why would the province of Ontario, or Canada’s federal government, or the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, distribute information which is confusing by design?” I wondered.

“There could be several reasons, but in this case, I suggest the #1 reason is this: governments know they do not have the constitutional authority to make the demands they are making. They hope that if they whistle them out quickly, wave them around officiously, pay for enough advertising and command enough headlines, citizens will accept these new ‘mandates’ and comply without question.”

It appears now, as Canada backs down on boosters (with no accompanying announcement) and Ontario claims it never mandated COVID shots at all, that this theory was correct.

Don’t let it confuse you, though.


Canada’s National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) no longer recommends COVID boosters for healthy people under age 65. No press release or news conference accompanied this sea-change in recommendations. Image: NACI