Friday, June 21, 2024
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In 2016, Vancouver residents donated two-thirds of Justin Trudeau’s riding association funding

The screen capture above is public data contained on the Elections Canada website. It illustrates the volume of donations made to Justin Trudeau’s Papineau electoral district by Vancouver-area residents.

Bloc Quebecous MP Jean-Francois Lisee has asked Justin Trudeau to explain how his riding of Papineau was able to raise more than two-thirds of its 2016 funding in donations from wealthy Chinese in Vancouver.

Most of the donations were clustered within 48 hours of the government’s green light to a Chinese chartered bank, Wealth One, according to Norman Spector.

Elections Canada contributions search page. Image: EC

In fact, anyone can visit the Elections Canada website and view legal donations made since 2013. By sorting according to province (British Columbia), electoral district (Papineau) and year (2016), it is a relatively simple task to determine who was donating to Justin Trudeau’s riding association in the days and weeks before Wealth One was approved to operate in Canada.

By exporting Elections Canada’s data to an Excel spreadsheet it is possible to sort for additional categories of information including donations clustered by date; amount; and home city of the donor.

Wealth One is in the news again on March 8th as it has been fined $676,500 for failing to submit suspicious transaction reports where there were reasonable grounds to suspect transactions were related to a money laundering offence, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.