Monday, December 11, 2023
Toronto City Council chambers
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Electric Vehicles for Hire at Council: What did Toronto Council vote do?

Here is a summary of what passed at Council on October 11th as it considered the Economic Development Committee Item – 2023.EC6.6. This report is based upon the live video stream of Council and the screenshots of Motions made available during the livestream. Taxi News will check against the Minutes when they are made available.

  1. On Motion 1 by Councillor Bravo, Council voted to establish a “grants” program for Taxi and rideshare drivers purchasing 100 per cent  electric vehicles. (Because for Taxi drivers, funds would be used to pay increased licensing fees, it is questionable whether this program can even be called a “grant” program; however, it passed, and staff will be working on it.)
  • On a motion by Councillor Colle, amended by Councillor McKelvie, Council voted to place a temporary cap on the number of rideshare vehicles while staff get an accurate count of how many there are, and how many the city needs.
  • On a motion by Councillor Pasternak, staff are being directed to explore whether plates which are sitting “on the shelf” and not actively used could pay a reduced license fee.
  • Staff have been directed to report back on a large number of items “ including emissions, congestion and transit impacts, for the Vehicle-for-Hire industry and the appropriate licensing levels for taxicabs and limousine, as well as private transportation company vehicles, including consultation with the industry on fleet composition, by no later than fourth quarter of 2024.”