Monday, July 15, 2024
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Union Station area for May 1st gig workers’ protest

Rumours of possible Uber demonstration at Pearson

In Toronto, rideshare drivers, delivery drivers, and limo drivers are being invited to join “Round 2” of protests in opposition to the unfair labour and business practices used by gig companies.

“The rolling protest is to highlight corporations which continue to exploit workers with below minimum wage equivalent work in the most expensive city in the province,” notes the website, which is maintained by a volunteer organizer.

“Uber Black drivers will join us after their initial event at Nathan Phillips Square.  Additional locations possible and there are rumours of possible demonstration at Pearson.”

Before the protest, gig drivers will meet at 10:45 AM at Tim Horton’s at Lakeshore and Leslie in the parking lot close to FreshCo., bordering Lakeshore at 731 Eastern Ave. This is the staging area where drivers will get organized and set up the signs on their cars.

At 11:30 AM, drivers will travel in a convoy down Lakeshore to Union Station. 

The convoy will continuously circle along Lakeshore to York Street, turn right and head north to Front St, right on Front to Bay St, right on Bay St to Lakeshore, right on Lakeshore to York, right on York. It will circle around Union Station for about two hours. 

“If there is some kind of roadblock due to construction or other reason, we will detour accordingly so our main presence will still be Union Station. If there is any sudden change of plan, we will post it in the WhatsApp groups. Check out the mops for the staging area and the protest route,” notes the website.

“Cyclist can skip the staging area and just head directly to Union Station around 12 PM and make arrangements with us to grab some signs if you need. Cyclists can either circle around in a loop on Front Street going east and then going west in front of Union Station or, they can get off their bikes and be on the sidewalk with their signs. You can also do a bit of both.”

Secondary protests are being planned at Toronto City Hall by the UberBlack Drivers and at Pearson Airport by the UberX/XL drivers.

“During the protests, you must obey all traffic laws and do not purposely obstruct traffic. We will behave in a peaceful and respectful manner while we circle Union Station. We can honk horns, just be sure to be lawful. Be especially careful of pedestrians and cyclists at all times. Make sure to give way for any emergency vehicles with their lights and sirens on,” gig workers’ instructions detail.