Friday, June 21, 2024

Author: Lindsay Prescott

A budget for that magical land in which a hard hat, a nurse, an athlete, an IT tech and a graduate wearing a mortarboard all coincidentally collect in the same place for a photo. Image:
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Budget to Oblivion

The Trudeau government released what looks like a pre-election budget this week.

That’s right Trudeau has told his Caucus be ready for an election any time. Likely in June.

The Budget contains lots of goodies with no plan to ever pay back the money borrowed to pay for them.

But that’s the plan of the World Economic Forum run by Klaus Schwab and his second in command Chrystia Freeland who just happens to be Canada’s Finance Minister

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Trudeau used the Emergencies Act to nuke Bouncy Castles

Back in 1970 Tommy Douglas was the only Member of Parliament to vote against Pierre Trudeau imposing the War Measures Act. He called it trying to “Kill a Mouse with a Sledgehammer.

Justin Trudeau did the same thing, only this time he used a nuclear bomb to kill Bouncy Castles.

Just look to other countries that have recently had REAL emergencies with bombs and killing in the streets like France, England, Egypt, Guatemala, and many others.

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Trudeau humiliated as even Senators he appointed were poised to vote against Emergencies Act

Trudeau was about to lose a vote in the Senate which was needed to ratify the Emergency Act, invoked to disperse a peaceful protest by the truckers Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. In addition, thousands of Canadians moved their bank accounts and investments out of the country fearing that their money might be frozen by Trudeau.

Senator David Wells from Newfoundland said: “The Government saw the writing on the wall and pulled the plug. Cabinet ministers and the government Senate leader started calling senators to assess support for continuation of the Act. The numbers weren’t looking good… That’s when the decision was made.”

The morning before Trudeau backed down, Pierre Dalphond, a Senator Trudeau himself had appointed from Quebec said: “I have decided to vote against the motion to authorize the continuation of the state of emergency, out of concern about the lack of judicial oversight in the freezing of assets,” because he believes it violates “the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure.”

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“Every Liberal I talk to is pissed off with Trudeau” – MPs and organizers are breaking ranks

The fact that Quebec Liberal MPs Joel Lightbound and Yves Robillard have publicly denounced Justin Trudeau for trying to “divide and stigmatize” fellow Canadians is having a lightening rod effect on Liberals who disagree with Trudeau’s approach.

A Toronto Area Liberal Member of Parliament told RWN that he disagrees completely with Prime Minster Trudeau’s approach to dealing with the Freedom Convoy.

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Liberals want Trudeau to stop attacking the Freedom Convoy

A long-time Liberal organizer who spoke to RWN on condition of anonymity fearing reprisals said: “Trudeau is out of touch with average voters, and his rants are hurting the Party.” The source also said that Trudeau’s response to his caucus members was: “You are only here because of me,” which made them more angry.

Trudeau’s inflammatory statements make it appear that he hopes the Freedom Convoy will take a violent turn, the source says.

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