A budget for that magical land in which a hard hat, a nurse, an athlete, an IT tech and a graduate wearing a mortarboard all coincidentally collect in the same place for a photo. Image: Canada.ca

Budget to Oblivion

By Lindsay Prescott

The Trudeau government released what looks like a pre-election budget this week.

That’s right Trudeau has told his Caucus be ready for an election any time. Likely in June.

The Budget contains lots of goodies with no plan to ever pay back the money borrowed to pay for them.

But that’s the plan of the World Economic Forum run by Klaus Schwab and his second in command Chrystia Freeland who just happens to be Canada’s Finance Minister

Dental care is expanded in this budget to keep the NDP supporting the coalition government with the Liberals.

There’s $234 a year for senior citizens to help them buy more cat food to eat.

The year over year deficit up 25%. Last year’s estimate was off by $10 Billion, it will be $40 Billion.

Interest payments alone on Canada’s total debt of over $1 TRILLION will be $68 BILLION this year alone resulting in reduced spending on all other programs including health care.

Trudeau and Freeland have no intention of ever paying back this money.

They will be gone after the next election. Win or lose.

These folks couldn’t even run a lemonade stand.

The money printing presses in Ottawa may run out of ink!

This will only lead to more inflation as your dollar buys less and less.

And economic growth under Trudeau is dead. This budget says economic growth will be stagnant at .03% while government spending keeps going up.

This budget makes everything worse.

The problem is too much spending like $18 Billion on the black hole called “clean energy “which isn’t clean at all. Just ask the peasants in the African Congo who are dying in unregulated mines digging out minerals for our electric car batteries.

And this is only the beginning. Total spending for the changeover to electric vehicles over the next 10 years is estimated at $100 TRILLION by the United Nations Clean Energy guru Mark Carney who used to run the Bank of Canada and is touted by liberals to be their next Leader after Trudeau. YIKES.

Meanwhile, banks in the US and Europe are failing because of high interest rates imposed by their Central banks. And Canada has the highest interest rates.

Will Trudeau just print more money to bail out Canadian Banks, thus causing more inflation?

Speaking of bottomless money pits, Trudeau is sending $5 Billion to Ukraine while one in seven Canadians are now using food banks every day.

Meanwhile Trudeau wastes $6,000 for one night at a London hotel.


Lindsay Prescott is a life-long Liberal who has worked as a staffperson, supporter, donor, and volunteer. He currently considers himself a “disaffected Liberal.” Lindsay Prescott is his pen name.