Monday, July 15, 2024
Photo: Julie-Veillieux FB

Emergencies Act court hearing wraps up, expect 6 months or more for Justice Moseley’s decision

Christine Van Geyn of the Canadian Constitution Foundation finally made it onto a plane during Wednesday’s ice storm, out of Ottawa and home in time to provide her final video assessment of the Emergencies Act court proceedings.
Rita Smith

The topic of tow trucks came up often in the final arguments and statements by the Attorney General of Canada and counsel for the province of Alberta and civil liberties groups on April 5th.

Needing tow trucks, hiring tow trucks, compelling tow truck drivers to work against their will; borrowing tow trucks from other jurisdictions, and sourcing tow trucks and/or tow truck drivers from the Canadian Armed Forces were all ideas that found their way into closing remarks.

As a non-tow-truck driving, tax-paying citizen of Canada, one thought kept crossing my mind: “Wouldn’t it have been a lot easier to just TALK to the protesters, than to jump to towing them as the very first resort?”

Justice Richard Mosely is expected to take several months to review all of the information put forth during the Emergencies Act hearing before we will get any answers to those questions.