Thursday, June 20, 2024

Liberals want Trudeau to stop attacking the Freedom Convoy

Liberals are afraid Trudeau is out of touch with voters on support for the Freedom Convoys. Photo: Don Browne

On the very day that Erin O’Toole was removed as Conservative leader, word is leaking out that several Liberal Members of Parliament are telling Prime Minster Trudeau and his staff to stop demonizing the Freedom Convoy.

A long-time Liberal organizer who spoke to RWN on condition of anonymity fearing reprisals said: “Trudeau is out of touch with average voters, and his rants are hurting the Party.” The source also said that Trudeau’s response to his caucus members was: “You are only here because of me,” which made them more angry.

Trudeau’s inflammatory statements make it appear that he hopes the Freedom Convoy will take a violent turn, the source says.

Convoy organizers are on to Trudeau’s tactics, and point out that this continues to be one of the most peaceful demonstrations in Canadian history. For example, Freedom Convoy participants have cleaned and blessed the War Memorial and the Terry Fox statue. Today Freedom Convoy participants are planning to shovel snow in Ottawa to keep the streets clear as a new snowstorm arrives in the City.

Outside of the Liberal party, members of the public also appear to be turning against Trudeau: two recent public opinion polls show that the public is in agreement with the demands of the Freedom Convoy.

A new Angus Reid poll shows that 54% of Canadians now want all Covid restrictions lifted. This is up 15% in the last two weeks as the Freedom Convoy was rolling across Canada and getting support from thousands of Canadians who came out in below zero weather to cheer them on.

A second poll by the Innovative Research Group this week shows that 38% of Canadians now say that the vaccine mandate for tuckers should be lifted and another 10% are on the fence, a result which Innovative principal Greg Lyle says should come as a “wake up call” to “Twitter users and Trudeau supporters” who believe Canadians are generally opposed to the goals of the convoy.