Tuesday, April 16, 2024
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1 in 7 Canadians voted for Justin Trudeau, a “small fringe minority” of 14.45%

Last week, Justin Trudeau noted in a press conference that people who oppose the lockdown mandates and support the convoy of Truckers headed to Ottawa are a “ small fringe minority.

On January 31, Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer tabled the Report on the 44th General Election in the House of Commons. It contains a great deal of helpful and interesting information.

Below is a brief overview of Elections Canada’s numbers, in an effort to determine who represents Canadians, and who actually represents the “small fringe minority.”

Number of Canadians who voted Sept. 20, 2021         17,034,243  
Voters as % of population62.50%
Number of Canadians who voted for Justin Trudeau’s Liberals5,556,629  
Liberal % of votes32.60%
Population of Canada38,436,447
2021 Liberal vote as a percentage of the Canadian population14.45%