Monday, July 15, 2024

Truckers survey numbers should be a “wake up call” says Greg Lyle, Innovative Reseach Group

The slide to look at is Slide #10, says Greg Lyle. “38% think the vaccine exemption for Truckers should be returned. This is up from 31%.” Image: Innovative Research Group

31% of Canadians surveyed in a recent poll support the idea of the Truckers’ protest, and 38% support bringing back the exemption for unvaccinated truck drivers. 

These are the findings from the first half of the current wave of Innovative Research’s “Canada This Month” survey, in field from January 27th to 31st, 2022 with a sample size of 635 Canadian residents.

Greg Lyle of Innovative Research told Road Warrior News he believes the results of the January 31st poll should serve as a “wake up call” to many Canadian decision makers.

“It occurred to me when I looked at the numbers that this was going to surprise a lot of the people I deal with; these results may really shake the worldview of the typical Twitter user, or Trudeau supporter.”

Lyle explains that survey questions fell into two main categories: “’Do you support or oppose the general idea of the truckers’ protest? And, do you approve or disapprove of the way the truckers are doing it?’”

The two numbers are very similar at this point, he says.

“I’m watching to see whether it changes as news of some of the events over the weekend spread. 31%, support the general idea 46% of oppose.”

His survey found that 29% approve of the way the Truckers are protesting, while 44% disapprove.

Meanwhile, 24% approve of the way the Liberals are handling the protest, while 34% disapprove.

The poll’s results around the Conservative response may prove telling, as 12% approve of their response and 23% strongly disapprove. In fact, the Conservative caucus will be conducting a review of Erin O’Toole’s leadership in the days ahead which many party members attribute at least in part to their dissatisfaction with his response to the Truckers’ convoy.

“The slide to look at is Slide #10, in the January report,” Lyle points out.

“38% of people believe government should bring back the vaccine exemption for Truckers, this has increased from 31%. 52% think Truckers should have to be vaccinated.”

Looking ahead, Lyle says, changes in opinion may result as other jurisdictions announce the will lift all of their mandates, as Denmark has done and as the United Kingdom has recently announced.

In Canada, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe announced all mandates are to be lifted, as “they make no sense.” In a related development, Quebec Premier Francois Legault announced Tuesday that he is dropping the idea of a vaccination tax.

“A couple of things stand out: that 31% support for the Truckers’ protest is far higher than the number of people that are actually hostile or hesitant toward the vaccine, which is in the single digits.

“At 31%, you’re way, way, way above that. It’s still the minority point of view. But at 46%, there’s not a majority that oppose. It’s what we call ‘a plurality,’ but it’s not a majority.

“That’s what’s really striking and what I think might that surprise a lot of people reading comments on Twitter. They might think that if 31% support, that means there’s like 69% opposition, but that is not the case. 23% of the public is actually ambivalent on this by which we mean, they don’t support or oppose. They’re on the fence at the moment.”

Innovative Research plans to release the second segment of this survey shortly, possibly as early as February 4th.