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Freedom Convoy Trucks in Ottawa, February 2022. Photo: Donna Laframboise
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Official lies about Covid: Truckers were right all along

Freedom Convoy Truckers drove to Ottawa to protest the lies and lockdowns about Covid-19. Photo: Donna Laframboise

By Meredith Miles, Health Columnist

In addition to the large number of alternative media sources which have been debunking Covid myths since early 2020, numerous mainstream media outlets are now reporting on the topic.

The New York Post recently published a piece by Marty Makary titled “10 myths told by Covid experts – and now debunked.” In the piece Makary, a medical doctor and professor at Johns Hopkins University, corrects several of the falsehoods that have been presented as fact for the past three years:

Natural immunity works

The medical scientific data was there all along from 160 studies showing that natural immunity was better than the vax, Makary points out.

Nearly every practicing doctor during the first 18 months of the covid pandemic agreed.

As a result, most Canadians who were fired for not having the covid vaccine already had antibodies against it.

Back in 430 BC, during the Athenian plague, we knew that people who recovered after infection were now protected against disease. Its still the same today.

And a recent study from George Mason University shows that vax mandates had no impact on transmission rates.

Masks don’t prevent transmission

A review published last month by a highly respected Oxford University research team found that masks had no significant impact on covid transmission.

Another recent study found that masks didn’t have much of an effect on preventing covid transmission.

School closures didn’t reduce transmission

Most countries in Europe kept schools open without mask mandates. Transmission rates were no different than Canada, evidenced by studies conducted in Spain and Sweden.

The Vax causes Heart Inflammation

We now know that myocarditis is six to 28 times more common after the vax than after the infection among 16 to 24 year old males.

Today for the first time in history, hundreds of vaxed younger children are getting heart inflammation!!

Young people don’t benefit from the Vax

There is NO evidence that healthy young people needed the vax. That’s why the CDC didn’t  publish data on hospitalization rates among vaxxed people under 50. And the FDA’s top two vaccine experts quit in protest.

Where did COVID originate?

Overwhelming evidence points to a lab leak in Wuhan China. According to documents obtained by Bret Baier, Doctor Fauci was told that the virus was manipulated and originated in the Wuhan lab. The Wuhan lab also got nearly $9 million from Fauci’s agency.

Proper testing was never done

Dr. Ashish Jha showed that the bivalent vaccine used data from testing on eight mice to get approval.

To date, there has never been a randomized controlled trial of the bivalent vaccine.