Tuesday, May 28, 2024

A message to Canada’s Truckers

Russell Blaylock, M.D. Photo: NIH

Retired neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock, whose paper “Covid Update: What is the Truth?” has received significant attention since it was posted to the National Institute of Health (NIH) website in April, has written a message directly to the Canadian Truckers who launched the Freedom Convoy in January and those who supported it.

“The truckers of Canada demonstrated something that was shockingly missing among all other professions, save a few brave souls, and that is tremendous courage and dedication to freedom, not just health freedom, but the very core principles of freedom,” Blaylock wrote.

“The risk they, and their families, took in subzero weather, the harassment they endured at the hands of the government oppressors, the terrible price many of them endured, should have been a wakeup call to all freedom loving Canadians.

“Unfortunately, many still remained in hiding, not understanding that not only their futures but the futures of their children and grandchildren–all generations–absolutely depend on their courage, their moral strength and their unrelenting dedication to freedom and truth.

“Many good Canadians did support the truckers, but the vast majority of Canadians should have stood boldly and firmly with these brave men and women. May God bless and protect all the good people of Canada.”

Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.