Monday, July 15, 2024
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“Every Liberal I talk to is pissed off with Trudeau” – MPs and organizers are breaking ranks

Many long-time Liberal organizers and elected members do not agree with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s approach to the Trucker’s convoy. Photo: RWN

The fact that Quebec Liberal MPs Joel Lightbound and Yves Robillard have publicly denounced Justin Trudeau for trying to “divide and stigmatize” fellow Canadians is having a lightening rod effect on Liberals who disagree with Trudeau’s approach.

A Toronto Area Liberal Member of Parliament told RWN that he disagrees completely with Prime Minster Trudeau’s approach to dealing with the Freedom Convoy.

“I am embarrassed by the divisive language being used by the Prime Minister. I have supporters in my riding who are truckers and they are not racist or misogynist.”

The MP was unwilling to have his name used fearing reprisals, he added “I also disagree completely with his whole ‘woke’ agenda, and there are many others in Caucus who agree with me.”

Tom (last name withheld on request) has been a Liberal organizer in several Toronto Area ridings for over 40 years and said, “Every Liberal I talk to is pissed off with Trudeau.” He also feels that if an election were held today some safe Liberal Ridings in the 905 and Toronto would be in trouble because of Trudeau.

Another long-time Liberal who has served on the National Executive of the Liberal Party told RWN that he will not be voting for the Liberals again specifically because of the Prime Minister’s behaviour:

“Trudeau has no mandate to attack Canadians who are exercising their Charter Rights to protest against government policies they disagree with. He is acting like a deer caught in the headlights and he should be gone. He has become an open sore on the legacy of the once great Liberal Party.”