Monday, February 26, 2024

Talking to Americans: Why Truckers are in Ottawa protesting, Part One on BCB TV

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On February 9th, Texas Trucking broadcaster BCB Live TV (“The Safest Station in the Nation!”) invited me on to explain the Freedom Convoy 2022 to American viewers.

Rita Smith

I really appreciated the fact that host “DriveSafe Dave” allowed me to put the 2022 Convoy in the context of Canada’s 20 years of pandemic experience and pandemic research – which, unfortunately, Canada and the world discarded completely in dealing with COVID-19.

I loved ending the interview with the laundry list of important changes that have occurred over the two weeks since the Truckers left Vancouver for Ottawa: Quebec killed the vax tax; Saskatchewan and Alberta are eliminating mandates; Erin O’Toole got fired; and now, Liberals are publicly disavowing Justin Trudeau.

This segment is probably the best overview I’ll ever do explaining Freedom Convoy 2022. I gather I will be back on BCB with an update in the days ahead.