Tuesday, May 28, 2024
On the Road with Mike MurchisonTrucking

Mike Murchison’s “Post Cards” from the East Coast

“Awaiting the call” Photo: Mike Murchison

Full-time Truck driver, part-time musician, writer and photographer Mike Murchison made a trip to Nova Scotia in May for an important family event.

“Bill stayed home today.”

Mike’s perspective on life and work, on the road and in Canada, is unique. Today Road Warrior News is pleased to dedicate a page to some of his most interesting East Coast photos; as always, his wry and ironic captions are at least as much fun as the images themselves.

When he’s not driving a truck himself, Mike takes an avid interest in what others do for a living; on this trip, obviously fishermen and their boats are getting a lot of attention.

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“Scrap iron.”
“Though thou may be tossed on waves….”
“Waiting for the call.”
“Serving good things, since 1962.”
“Away from the internet.”
“Even in the darkness, there will be light.”
Some roads, you walk alone.
“Drink it all in.”
“Above it all.”