Friday, June 21, 2024
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Trudeau used the Emergencies Act to nuke Bouncy Castles

Photo: Twitter

By Lindsay Prescott

There was no emergency in Canada in January, 2022 when a small group of peaceful protesters came to Ottawa to disagree with government policy.

No guns. No bombs. No deaths. No emergency. No violence, except by the police.

Just look to other countries that have recently had REAL emergencies with bombs and killing in the streets like France, England, Egypt, Guatemala, and many others.

Yes, the Canadian truckers were noisy and a nuisance.

That was their lawful purpose. To be seen and heard objecting to a policy they disagreed with. It happens all the time in Ottawa.

And Trudeau had no Parliamentary approval to impose the Emergencies Act.

Several Liberal Members of Parliament including Nathaniel Erskine-Smith of Toronto and others were voting against the Emergencies Act until Trudeau made it a vote of Confidence in the Government

Liberal MPs had no choice. They were not going to bring down their government.

Trudeau also needed to win a vote in the Senate to make the Act legal. Several Senators appointed by Trudeau said no. Rather than face a defeat in the Senate Trudeau revoked the Act.

He invoked the Act on February 14, 2022 and revoked in on February 23.

Nine days of infamy when Trudeau went crazy trampling on the rights of Canadians WITHOUT Parliamentary approval.

This was never examined by the Commission Trudeau appointed to review his own actions.

Without legal authority, under Canadian Law, everything he did was “fruit of the poisoned tree” and should be null and void.

Seizing equipment, freezing bank accounts, arresting peaceful protestors. All of that.

But that didn’t matter to Trudeau or the Judge.

Trudeau doesn’t care about the law or due process.

Instead, he inflamed the public by lying about the protesters and calling them “racist and misogynist”. He ignored the fact that they were peacefully protesting Government Policy. Namely that AFTER TWO YEARS of inaction during the Covid pandemic, he decided that tuckers needed to be vaccinated with an experimental drug that has killed and maimed thousands worldwide.

Back in 1970 Tommy Douglas was the only Member of Parliament to vote against Pierre Trudeau imposing the War Measures Act. He called it trying to “Kill a Mouse with a Sledgehammer.

Justin Trudeau did the same thing, only this time he used a nuclear bomb to kill Bouncy Castles.


Lindsay Prescott is a life-long Liberal who has worked as a staffperson, supporter, donor, and volunteer. He currently considers himself a “disaffected Liberal.” Lindsay Prescott is his pen name.