Tuesday, May 28, 2024
TTSAO celebrated its 30th anniversary at last year's conference. In 2024, it is taking a "quantum leap forward" on Leap Year, February 29th. Image: Asafo Addai

“Technology in training” key theme at TTSAO 30th anniversary conference February 21-22

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“Training with Technology” will be a key theme at the TTSAO’s 30th Anniversary Conference February 21 and 22.

The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) is back on track with its annual conference schedule, after missing two annual conferences due to COVID-19 then hosting a “summer solution” in 2022.

President Philip Fletcher is enthusiastic about this year’s accent on technology and is particularly keen on demonstrations of simulator training.

“This year, we’ve arranged for all three of our domestic simulator suppliers to come to this conference at the same time. They will all be demonstrating in the same area. It’s going to be a fantastic opportunity for anybody to try out simulators and see the benefits. Users can see how to operate it and how to teach with it; it gives all kinds of fast-forward opportunities to reduce training costs.”

Speakers at the conference will include Dr. Heider Al-Mashalah of the McMaster Digital Transformation Research Centre, who will present on “The Technology and Tellings of Facial Recognition.”

The McMaster Digital Transformation Research Center is working on facial recognition of a subject who is, for example, on a simulator. It uses facial recognition tools to determine whether the student able to absorb the information that they’re being taught; whether they’re showing frustration: whether they’re showing confusion: whether they show acceptance; or whether they show distraction, as all of that can be measured and monitored using facial recognition.

Philip Fletcher, TTSAO

“This matters, not just in the Trucking industry, but in all of teaching, in any situation. It really is unprecedented, and we’re bringing it to the fore here within the transportation sector.”

In addition to McMaster’s new research, Fletcher notes that Chris Wilkinson of Impirica will be presenting an analysis product they have developed in Alberta and are now bringing to Ontario.

“Impirica will be delivering new information on how to analyze data streams recorded from training on the road, with feedback they have received from the tablet being used,” Fletcher explains. “This is another fascinating area we have been exploring in the past year and are glad to bring to the fore in the transportation industry.”

The full agenda of the two-day conference can be accessed and downloaded as a PDF at the bottom of this article.

RWN’s Rita Smith gets experience training on IRIS, the new virtual reality simulator by iMVR. IRIS will be available for attendees to test drive at the TTSAO conference on February 21 and 22.

Founded in 1993, the TTSAO is the largest association representing commercial truck driver training programs in Ontario. TTSAO members represent approximately 50 training campuses and collectively certify over 7,000 commercial drivers annually. The TTSAO Carrier Group employs tens of thousands of professional drivers in Ontario and the TTSAO Insurance Group companies and brokers insures hundreds of schools and trucking companies.

On Wednesday afternoon, the TTSAO conference will feature a panel discussion on Human Trafficking and how the Trucking industry is working to help stop it. The panel will be moderated by Shelley Walker of the Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada.

The TTSAO’s mission is to support the commercial driver training industry through advocacy, networking, education and certification programs to help members produce the highest quality of professional drivers possible.