Monday, October 2, 2023

No training business, no Directors present at DRVRhub’s Canadian head office address

The address listed in Industry Canada’s current database as the corporate office of DRVRhub in Canada indicates it is this residence in Scarborough. Toronto Licensing staff are currently working to “ensure the integrity” of the training provided through DRVRhub’s completely-online program, which issued 3602 certificates before it was suspended 3 weeks after it launched. Photo: RWN

The address listed by Industry Canada as the corporate office for DRVR hub Inc. in Canada is not a location of DRVRhub, Taxi News was told on July 12th.

Industry Canada’s database indicates that the corporation is listed in a residential neighbourhood on Brimley Road in Scarborough. Only one director position is filled, by a person named Ann R.

(Note: Taxi News has opted to withhold the full surname and street address as it is clearly a private home.)

DRVRhub issued 3602 Vehicle for Hire Completion Certificates in the 3 weeks it was operational; Toronto has not yet determined whether or not those Completion Certificates will be accepted in its VFH training program. Beck Taxi and Co-op Cabs have both already announced DRVRhub’s online training is not acceptable to them.

Toronto's statement on DRVRhub training
"The City is reviewing the 3,602 drivers who have already taken the DRVR Hub training 
prior to the suspension of their accreditation on July 8, 2022. 
As part of the review, the City is seeking further information from DRVR Hub 
to ensure that the integrity of the driver training program was upheld. 
Once the information has been received and the review is finalized, 
the City will advise drivers as to any next steps."
--L&S Staff, July 12, 2022

Taxi News visited the Brimley Road address on July 12th to ask for comment on the fact that DRVRhub’s online Vehicle for Hire driver training has been suspended by the City of Toronto as a results of complaints that the course is too easy to pass, and possibly too easy on which to cheat.

First Person: my visit to DRVRhub’s address

At least two men were at the address; the first was in the driveway on a phone call. When I asked if Ann lived at the premise he replied, “Yes, go ring the bell,” gesturing toward the front porch of the house.

I rang the bell, and a second man answered the door. When asked if this was the head office of DRVRhub in Canada, he glanced over at the first man on the driveway and then answered, “No.”

“Is Ann available?” I asked, having already been told that Ann lived there.

He looked over the man on the driveway again, and then replied “No, there is no Ann here.”

The second man walked up the driveway to stand behind me and say, “May we know who you are?”

“Rita Smith from Taxi News, we are doing a story on DRVRhub training in Canada and Industry Canada lists this as the corporate address. Is the information I have from Industry Canada incorrect?” I asked.

“It is wrong. There is no training business here,” the first man said firmly, while the second man nodded.

“I apologize. It’s listed in the corporations database,” I told him. “I’m sorry for disturbing you,” I said again, before leaving.


“Active CBCA corporations are required to update this information within 15 days of any change,” Industry Canada’s database notes. DRVRhub’s status is listed as “active” although annual filings for 2021 and 2022 are overdue.

Messages to DRVRhub by email and through its online chat function with requests for an alternate head office address have not received replies at time of posting; Taxi News will post updated information if it arrives. DRVRhub has not replied to any of the emails sent since June 24th, 2022.