Monday, July 15, 2024

Celebrate National Trucking Week with “Stories from the Road”

The Audible version of “Stories from the Road” has five times the sales of the paper book. Image: Audible


Trucker/writer Don Taylor is celebrating two big things during National Trucker’s Week (September 4 top 11 in Canada, 11 to 18 in the United States).

First, is hopefully going back to work after a summer off due to illness; second, is the fact that the release of the Audible version of his book, “Stories from the Road,” has quintupled sales of the book.

“The Audible version is selling five or six times for every paper copy,” Taylor told Road Warrior News. Clearly, his audience has more time to listen than they do to read.

Don Taylor spent the first nine years of career driving Taxi in Thunder Bay before he transitioned to Truck driving. His stories from both industries are fast-paced, vivid and memorable. He spent years around the campfire with family and friends, regaling them with Taxi and Trucking stories before they finally convinced him to put the stories in writing, in a book.

“I have thousands of them, really,” Taylor told Road Warrior News shortly after the book’s launch. “I hardly knew where to start. But once I got a rhythm in place, writing every weekend I was home, one story led to another and I would look up to see five or six hours had passed.”

As to getting back on the road after a summer of sitting around, Taylor says, “I just can’t wait to get back to work. It’s been a long, boring summer.”

The Audible version of “Stories from the Road” is available here.