Monday, July 15, 2024
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Ontario’s new Emergency Orders allow CVORs, licenses, certificates to be pulled

Tow trucks from Michigan line up to remove vehicles from the Ambassador Bridge February 12. Photo: Rise Up Durham/FB

Excerpt from Ontario’s Order in Council, which became law at 10:17am February 12:

“Permits, licences and certificates under the Highway Traffic Act

  1. (1) Despite anything in the Highway Traffic Act, where the Registrar or Deputy Registrar
    believes on reasonable grounds that,
    (a) the holder of a driver’s licence, motor vehicle permit or CVOR certificate has
    contravened section 2 or 3 or has failed to comply with subsection 4 (2) or 5 (3); or
    (b) the holder of a CVOR certificate was the operator of a motor vehicle that was used in
    or during a contravention of section 2 or 3,
    the Registrar or Deputy Registrar may, by order, suspend or cancel the driver’s licence, plate
    portion of the permit or CVOR certificate.
    (2) A person has no right to be heard before the Registrar or Deputy Registrar makes an
    order under subsection (1).
    (3) The Registrar or Deputy Registrar may give or provide notice of an order made under
    subsection (1) by any means that the Registrar or Deputy Registrar believes may be reasonable
    to bring the order to the attention of the person affected.
    (4) An order made under subsection (1) takes effect on the date and at the time set out in the
    order, whether or not the person affected has received notice of the order.
    (5) If the permit for a motor vehicle has been suspended or cancelled by an order made
    under subsection (1), a police officer or other provincial offences officer may seize any number
    plates displayed on a motor vehicle, including any number plates issued by another jurisdiction.”