Monday, July 15, 2024
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Coventry Connections celebrates the season, looking forward to 2024

Coventry Connections’ team gathered to celebrate the holiday season
for the first time since COVID. Photo: Taxi News

In the first official holiday event since before COVID-19, team members from Ottawa’s Coventry Connections gathered together on December 9th to celebrate the season.

Coventry CEO Marc Andre Way welcomed everyone in his remarks. “Thanks to everyone who helped us get through the last few years,” he told the packed room. “We have a lot to look forward to in 2024!”

Coventry recently won a Department of Foreign Affairs shuttle contract with its new fleet of electric Volvos, and is working with the City of Ottawa to finalize an agreement designed to use Coventry’s Taxi drivers to support Ottawa’s overwhelmed EMS service.

“Over the past few years, it seems Canada’s Taxi industry has seen more change than in the decades before. Lots of it has been uncomfortable and often seemed unfair,” Way wrote in recent President’s Message for the Canadian Taxi Association.

“But looking around, I can’t help but notice that some Taxi companies are hustling and actually increasing their share of the business, while others are stagnating. Some have disappeared. Congratulations to those that are growing and improving! We have a lot to learn from you.”