Monday, December 11, 2023
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Eight training programs provisionally approved for vehicle for hire drivers: Toronto

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Private training companies which replied to Toronto’s Request for Proposals have been contacted and, in some cases, asked for further information, the City’s Media Office has told Taxi News.

“Eight programs have been provisionally approved pending a final submission and acceptance of their learning content; three programs require more information in several criteria areas; and one program was denied for not meeting the majority of the City’s criteria,” Naomi Ahmad wrote in an email on March 2nd.

“As directed by City Council, the City is working on the introduction of a mandatory Driver Training Accreditation Program (DTAP) for all vehicle-for-hire drivers. On November 9, 2021 the City reissued the call for applications for DTAP and received 12 applications. To be on the City’s list of approved training programs, third party training providers need to satisfy all mandatory criteria provided by the City and submit a course content which clearly demonstrates how it will meet the curriculum criteria.”

An expert panel with representatives from City divisions reviewed each program, and have provided specific feedback based upon the mandatory criteria, Ahmad writes.

 Vehicle for hire driver training was the focus of several Council and Committee meetings in fall 2021. The driver training program staff were directed to create in 2019 fell two years behind any schedule for implementation, much to the dismay of City Councillors who voted in favour of it.

To date, stakeholders and industry members have not yet been informed as to whether the training will be in-class, online, in-car, or some combination of all three methods.

On January 31, 2022, Ahmad says, the City responded to all applicants: “Applicants who must submit more information to the City were provided with 30 days to respond to the City’s request. Once information is received, the expert panel will review and recommend that the programs that have met the mandatory criteria be placed on the City’s list of approved training programs.”

According to this timeline, program providers will be receiving on approvals in the first week of March.

Information will be made available online at