Monday, July 15, 2024
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Taxi fees to return to 100% as report suggests COVID-era breaks should end

Toronto’s Economic Development Committee will consider staff advice to return Taxi fees back to their pre-COVID rates at the September 21st meeting.

If the following item is adopted by Committee, it will proceed to a vote of full Toronto Council on October 11, 2023.

“17. City Council amend City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 441, Fees and Charges, to undo the temporary 50 percent reduction of renewal fees adopted by City Council on February 18, 2021 (EX21.2 – 2021 Capital and Operating Budgets) as a COVID-19 financial relief measure for certain vehicle-for-hire licensees, and return the fees to their 100 percent rates beginning on January 1, 2025, substantially in accordance with Table 1 below.”

Table 1: Fees to return to 100 percent Fee Rate beginning January 1, 2025

Ref. No.ServiceFee DescriptionCategoryFee Basis2025 Fee*Annual Adjust.
162Renewal Fee: Licence & Permit IssuanceTaxicab Broker licenceFull Cost RecoveryPer application or renewal$312.24Yes
164Renewal Fee: Licence & Permit IssuanceLimousine Service CompanyFull Cost RecoveryPer application or renewal$312.01Yes
380Renewal Fee: Licence & Permit IssuanceStandard Taxicab Owner licenceFull Cost RecoveryPer application or renewal$1111.63Yes
380.2Renewal Fee: Licence & Permit IssuanceToronto Taxicab Owner licence**Full Cost RecoveryPer application or renewal$1223.53Yes
382Renewal Fee: Licence & Permit IssuanceLimousine Owner licenceFull Cost RecoveryPer application or renewal$785.96Yes
439Renewal Fee: Licence & Permit IssuanceTaxicab OperatorFull Cost RecoveryPer application or renewal$338.85Yes
*2025 Fees assume an annual 2% inflationary increase
**Toronto Taxicab Owners use accessible vehicles. Per Chapter 546, the licence application and licence renewal fees for wheelchair accessible vehicles are waived. Updating Chapter 441 for this licensing category is for administrative purposes