Monday, July 15, 2024
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Justin Trudeau’s brother warns Freedom Convoy members to watch for provocateurs causing violence

Justin Trudeau’s brother is warning Freedom Convoy members to be on watch for infiltrators planted in their groups at today’s Ottawa demonstrations.

“Be on the lookout for agents provocateur, because they are going to be there. They’re going to be trying to incite violence,” Kyle Kemper told the Western Standard in an extensive video interview. Kemper is the son of Margaret Trudeau and her second husband, businessman Fred Kemper.

“They’re going to be carrying rocks. I can imagine we’re going to see riot squads potentially there. And as soon as they bring out the riot squads, for every, you know, 200 riot squad people, there are probably two or three riot squad people who are dressed as anarchists carrying rocks,” Kemper predicts.

“Do you do you anticipate that people will be planted?” host Melanie Risdon asks.

“Of course! That’s what that’s what they do. That’s what they do,” responds Kemper.