Monday, July 15, 2024

Watch for violent outside agitators to infiltrate peaceful Freedom Convoy

By Lindsay Prescott

Bringing in outside agitators is a tactic that has used by government in Canada.

This week, it’s at risk of happening to the peaceful convoy of truckers heading Ottawa for January 29th.

The Canadian public learned first this tactic was being used by government against them  back in August  2007 when the Quebec Police admitted that their officers  disguised themselves as demonstrators at a peaceful rally during a summit meeting of political leaders from Canada the US and Mexico in Montebello, Quebec.

One of the officers was carrying a rock and urging other demonstrators to get violent. The others who didn’t know at the time this was an  undercover officer told him to put down the rock and stop urging them to get violent, which they did not do.

One of the organizers, Dave Coles, told the media at the time that he didn’t know whether these men were RCMP of Quebec police. He said he believes that the police “were ordered in to infiltrate our peaceful assembly and provoke incidents.”

And we now also know that the Canadian Intelligence and Security Service (CSIS) has been authorized by the Trudeau Government under The National Security Act of 2017 (amended on June 21, 2019) to undertake measures to disrupt ”threats to the security of Canada and …take measures to reduce threats to the security.”

This week Prime Minister Trudeau and others have been trying to paint the Truckers as a fringe group with possibly violent members.

The Truckers are being set up.