Monday, July 15, 2024

Convoy supporters on Cobbledick Bridge – real time video

Canadians braved the cold, the wind and the snow to support the Freedom 2022 Convoy. Video: RWN

A large cross-section of patriotic Canadians took to the bridge at Cobbledick Road over the eastbound 401 this afternoon.

Parents, kids, grandparents and at least one Holocaust survivor waved, cheered, and flew flags to greet Truckers driving in Freedom Convoy 2022. Some were vaccinated, some were not. Some were immigrants and some were born in Canada. Everyone was very warmly dressed.

At least two accidents along the route from western and northern Ontrio slowed the convoy before it reached the Greater Toronto Area, but large crowds remained enthusiastic all afternoon and into the dark evening.

Durham Region Police Services were on scene at the larger Mill Street Bridge gathering, where the officer positioned his vehicle with rollers on to protect supporters from traffic exiting the 401.

At Cobbledick Road, officers just cruised the road from Highway #2 to Wilmot Acres, ensuring everything was peaceful.

Truckers were headed to Port Hope and Kingston where they will sleep overnight before they start the last leg of their journey to Ottawa on January 29th.

Video: RWN