Monday, February 26, 2024

Solicitor General not anticipating border problems as American Truckers arrive to support Convoy

Ontario’s Solicitor General Sylvia Jones provided comments in a video press conference January 25th. Road Warrior News was there to ask questions.

On a video teleconference held January 25th with Mayor Sarnia Bob Bailey, MPP for Sarnia-Lambton, and Pamela Mizuno, Windsor Police Chief, Solicitor Sylvia Jones said she did not anticipate any traffic slowdowns in the areas where American Truckers are crossing the borders.

Ontario has been told hundreds or thousands of American Truckers plan to cross the border in support of Canadian Truckers involved in Freedom Convoy 2022, but they are not expected to present any problem, Ontario’s Solicitor General Sylvia Jones says.

“In ongoing conversations with Minister Mulroney, it is my understanding that MTO does not anticipate at this time, any slow ups in the provincial highways where the transport trucks are traveling.

“Obviously, they are monitoring that fairly closely. And we’ll continue to work with both the Canadian Trucking Association and the Ontario Trucking Association to ensure road safety as well as safety of the transport truckers who are involved.”

Solicitor General Sylvia Jones is perhaps best known as the Ford government Cabinet Minister who announced that martial law would be imposed upon the people of the province in a live press conference on April 16, 2021. Within hours, 39 of Ontario’s 45 police forces issues statements saying they had no intention of enforcing Jones’ new edict. On April 17th, in the face of near-universal police commitment of non-compliance, Jones issued a Tweet quietly rescinding her declaration of martial law.

Road Warrior News’ follow up question to Jones was, “Many Truck drivers have stated in recent days that the CTA and OTA do not speak for them or represent them in any way. Is Ontario speaking with any other organizations which might represent the Truckers who are actually on the road?”

Jones replied,”It’s probably a question better place to use a Minister of Transportation. What I know is from conversations that she and I have had that they do not anticipate that there are going to be delays on the highways as I said that will be constantly monitored as the transports move through Ontario ultimately to their final destination. Thank you.”